Quinn recently launched an advertising campaign for her women's clothing store. From launch, your website (2023)

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Quinn recently launched a look network campaign for her women's clothing store. Since its launch, traffic to its website has increased, but sales have remained flat. Which story shows Quinn using remarketing to promote action?

A. Quinn remarkets using its original business objectives and campaigns to new users from an uploaded compatible list. By utilizing existing materials, it aims to extend its reach and save costs.

B. Quinn creates a cart abandonment list that identifies users who visited her website, considered purchasing her clothing, but did not. It shows them an ad with a discount promo code.

C. Quinn uses the in-market audience segment for bakery products to reach potential customers while they are actively searching for women's clothing and close to a conversion.

D. Quinn creates a custom audience segment using keywords and URLs as inputs. He hopes to expand his audience to customers interested in women's accessories.

Option B

Quinn creates a cart abandonment list that identifies users who visited her website, thought about buying her clothes, but didn't. He shows them an ad with a promotional discount code that shows Quinn using remarketing to drive action.


Remarketing is a form of online advertising that allows websites to display targeted ads to users who have previously visited the website. Remarketing consists of using a special tracking code to request a cookie on the browsers of someone who visits your website, and then serving ads to those who have that cookie.

As Quinn hands out promotional discount codes to the personality who landed on her site, consider buying her clothes but didn't. Remarketing allows you to target people who have visited your website or accessed your app.

Related questions

Under what theory of liability would a seriously injured guest who allegedly slipped on a liquid on the floor of your restaurant sue?





Under the theory of liability, a plaintiff may bring an action in negligence, which is limited to someone's failure to perform a legal duty by omission or commission.

A guest who was seriously injured after allegedly slipping on liquid on the floor of my restaurant can sue to hold me liable for his injury because I failed to ensure the safety of guests in my restaurant.

Which set of commands will configure a router as a DHCP server that will assign IPv4 addresses to LAN while reserving the first 10 and last addresses for static assignment?



DHCP service

Deleted DHCP IP address

ip dhcp pool pool-lan-1


Default router



Configuring a router as a DHCP server requires defining a pool of network addresses for workstations on the network. The configuration is global and not specific to an interface.

DHCP is enabled first, if necessary, and then addresses intended to be assigned to management interfaces such as routers and VLANs are excluded from the pool. The pool is the name and the network area is configured. The default router command shows the network for which the pool is intended.

Which variant of a dictionary attack involves a dictionary attack combined with a brute-force attack and will slightly change the words in the dictionary by adding numbers to the end of the password, spelling the words backwards, misspellings, or including special characters? brute force b. repeat hashing
w. network replay
Hey. hybrid



D. Hybrid


Hybrid attack is a dictionary attack combined with a brute force attack, change the dictionary word by adding numbers to the end of the password, writing the word backwards and misspellings or adding special characters to the word.

A brute force attack is a password hacking technique that continuously inputs multiple values ​​to crack or guess a correct password value.


Hey. hybrid attack


The hybrid attack is basically the combination of a dictionary attack and a brute force attack and its names indicate that it is a mixture of two attacks.

A dictionary attack is a mechanism in which the password is cracked by trying, as a password, every word in a dictionary to break the password and get into a computer. Since most users as well as new users often use simple words as passwords which can also be found in a dictionary, it is easy to crack these passwords using this technique.

Brute force attack basically consists of multiple attempts to crack a password. This technique of trying multiple password combinations until the correct passwords are guessed is called trial and error.

Now the hybrid attack is the combination of brute force and dictionary attacks. So it uses a dictionary that gives you a list of words and then brute force that list of words which will slightly modify the words in the dictionary by adding brute force key space to the end of those words, such as appending numbers, misspelling words, or appending special characters. For example, new employees who are less aware of password attacks kept their names as password. Therefore, the hybrid attack can be used by the attacker/hacker to crack these passwords by obtaining a list of the names of all the new employees in the company. The attacker can then apply a brute force attack to the end of each name to crack the password.

If a code word is defined as a sequence of different letters chosen from the 10 letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and J, what is the ratio of the number of 5-letter words? code words in number of code words 4 letters?

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The answer is 6:1.


No prior knowledge of combination or permutation is required.

Count the way to choose 4 letters. As mentioned in the question, choose the order of the different letters

For first place we have 10 letters

For second place we have 9 letters as one is already out

For the 3rd place we have 8 letters as two letters have already come out

For the 4th place we have 7 letters as 3 letters have already come out

Total group of 4 letters = 10 * 9 * 8 * 7

In the same way we form a group of 5 letters that we have

Total group of 5 letters = 10 * 9 * 8 * 7 * 6

then calculating the ratio between 4 and 5

We have,

Group 5: Group 4::10*9*8*7*6:10*9*8*7

: : 30240 : 5040

divide by 5040 on both sides, we get

Group 5: Group 4:: 6: 1

6-3.1 After visiting a large number of websites to complete your research for a lengthy research paper, your computer starts to crash. Your CPU runs much slower, your software crashes frequently, and you have trouble connecting to the Internet. What kind of malware are you most likely a victim of?





To protect yourself from spyware, be careful what websites you visit, as they can track many things about your system/phone, such as the text messages you send and receive, your call history, and your location.





Computer systems and networks are susceptible to cyber attacks. Attackers exploit weaknesses in systems and networks. For this reason, organizations document and implement technical techniques and security policies to mitigate these cyber attacks.

Attackers or hackers write malware with the intention of infecting computer systems to weaken security policies, making these viruses and malware worms recognized as threats to a system.

Spyware is malware that is used to monitor and steal information on a system, it runs in the background, slowing down the system and also consumes bandwidth to connect to the Internet.

Gina upgrades her computer with a new processor. She installs the processor on her motherboard and adds the cooling system. Turns on the computer and starts to boot but then shuts down. What could be the cause of this problem?



Gina applied thermal paste


Thermal Grease contains heat-conducting metals that help ensure better conduction of heat from the CPU and the computer's heatsink. It is a cooling agent that helps prevent the computer from reaching a high level of heat that is harmful to the computer.


No thermal paste was used.


A computer system is a device that consists of a software and hardware component. Hardware is the physical component of the system.

The processor unit, the I/O unit and the memory unit are the hardware composition of the system. The electronic components of the computer system, such as the processor or CPU, draw power from a power source, so they must overheat when they work for a long time.

The fan and heatsink are used to cool the system. A thermal grease is a thick, conductive fluid that transfers heat from the component to the heatsink for cooling. When it's absent, heat transfer is reduced or blocked, so the computer shuts down to cool down.

A user complains that his new mouse is not working properly. He has an old system at home and when he had this problem he cleaned the ball under the mouse to fix it, but this mouse doesn't have a ball under it. What to tell him about the mouse



Uses an optical mouse

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A computer mouse is a pointing device that recognizes and converts two-dimensional movement into a pointer on a screen. The use of the mouse cannot be overemphasized as it ensures the smooth use of the graphical user interface of operating systems (OS) and application environments.

There are different types of mice such as mechanical (ball control mouse), optical and laser, 3D, gaming, ergonomic mouse and so on.

An optical mouse uses a light emitting diode (LED), optical sensor and digital signal processing (DSP).

To properly use the optical mouse you just bought, you should place the mouse on a mouse pad and avoid using it on shiny surfaces.


The mouse is a visual mouse.


Computer input devices are used to provide commands or input data to the system for calculation. There are different types of input devices, examples of input devices are keyboard, mouse, trackpad, joystick etc.

A mouse is an input device used to control a pointer on a computer screen. Its control is two-dimensional and is used to click icons to perform a task. There are different types of mice, they are optical mouse, mechanical mouse.

The optical mouse does not have a ball under it because it is replaced by light emitting diodes that must be used on a dull mouse surface to work effectively. The mechanical mouse uses a ball to track and control the pointer on the screen.

Aaron has elaborate systems set up on his computer to remind him of all the things he needs to do and when he needs to do them. The computer helps Aaron with _____ memory.



prospective memory


The main purpose of Prospective involves remembering to perform a planned action at some specific time. Prospective memory involves the intention to perform a physical action and is associated with future-oriented behaviors.

Aaron edited the system setup and the computer remembers things. The future memory used in the computer to achieve these things

The Mail Merge Wizard is in the drop-down list next to the _____ icon. Select letters from recipients Start mail merge to create mail



The answer lies in the question of how the Mail Merge Wizard can be found in the drop-down menu next to the Start Mail Merge icon as Start Mail Merge is used to create a mail merge,


The start mail merge icon is used in Microsoft Word:

In a blank document, click the Mail tab and click Start Mail Merge Group.

  • Click Start Mail Merge
  • Click the Step-by-Step Mail Merge Guide.
  • select the document
  • Start document selection
  • select recipients
  • Write a letter and all custom fields
  • Press Enter on the greeting bar
  • Enter a greeting and press OK
  • visualization diagram
  • print the merge


The answer is "Start Mail Merge".


Mail merge option is available in a word which processes the mail and also merges the report in file format. It also provides offline mail processing. It provides an option to send the email to a different user each time and some options were wrong, which can be explained as follows:

Select Recipients is a group that provides the option to attach labels and allows you to select the type of email.

Create Mailing is an option that allows you to create mailings.

Karen has launched a new business and is using Google display ads to promote her new products. How does targeting Google display ads help Karen achieve her marketing goal?



Show your ad to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.


Google AdSense or Adsense is an advertising platform developed by Google. It was created to support organizations and individuals to advertise their products and services on the Google platform.

It uses Google's global range of websites for digital marketing of products. It uses search engine optimization to find and advertise these products to people who may need them based on their past search history.

With this, Google ads manage to select a large number of potential customers worldwide who may be willing to purchase the advertised products or services.

The term ____ describes primary storage devices that are implemented as microchips, can read and write at the same speed, and can randomly access larger bytes, words, or units of data.



The answer is "RAM".


This particular statement is missing some information, namely the question option, which can be described as follows:

a) RAM

β) ROM


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d) semiconductor

RAM is also known as system memory, it is a device component that temporarily holds information for actual use and supports system software. In addition to storing data on devices such as HDD or solid state drive, the CPU can access information even faster, and some options were not correct, which can be described as follows:

  • ROM is a secondary device, which stores data permanently.
  • The PROM can be updated once by a single user.
  • A semiconductor is a chip, which is used in the CPU.

Current small business IP configuration is done manually and is time consuming. Due to increased network growth, a technician needs a simpler way to configure workstation IPs. Which service would simplify the task of configuring the workstation IP? O. APIPA b. DHCP
do. DIPS





Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, known as DHCP, helps automatically assign IP addresses to computers (and other hosts) on a network. When a computer network grows beyond a few computers, the process of manually configuring IP addresses becomes inefficient as a network management protocol such as DHCP is used to automatically assign IP addresses and perform other network configurations to enable communication between hosts on the network.

Application servers are generally grouped into two types: page-based systems and _____ systems. O. based on group b. script based c. server-based d. component-based





An application server is a server designed strictly for running applications.

An application server can be defined as a software framework that provides the resources for building web applications as well as a server environment for running them. An example of an application server is a java web application.

Application server can be grouped into two types: page-based server and component-based server.


D. Component-based


Application servers are network devices used by developers to create, host, and run web applications. Provides the platform-based environment of the requesting client workstation web page.

Used in web application services to promote dynamic web pages. These servers are grouped into page-based systems and element-based systems.

The TCP protocol has a unique way of establishing a connection between two computers. Describe what the various phases of this handshake look like and how this methodology differs from other protocols.



The TCP 3-way handshake is a process used in TCP/IP networking to establish a connection between a client and a server. It exchanges synchronization and packets before the actual statistics of the data communication process.


TCP uses a three-way handshake. A client connecting to a server must call and listen for a port and open it. this is called passive opening.

To establish a connection, the three-way handshake is:

SYN - This opening is used by the client, sending a SYN to the server. A client defines a numerical sequence for the random value A.

SYN-ACK: Server responds with SYN-ACKK. The number is set to one or more of the download sequence number which is A+1

ACK: The client sends the ACK back to the server and the number is set to receive the value i.e. A+1 and the number is set to more than one for the received sequence number i/e B+1.

When a user logs into any website from their computer, they act as a client. The server hosts the website and the content is fetched from the website each time. Three-way handshake over TCP is used The client requests access using the HTTP protocol. The server will open the connection. Once complete, the connection is opened when the server terminates the connection timeout design.

The three-way handshake is the method used for computer-to-computer communication over a TCP/IP network. It is a way for the computer to communicate. All developers and manufacturers should learn the specifications of this methodology. It provides network-wide interoperability.


Connection-oriented TCP three-way handshake.


TCP is a connection-oriented protocol that operates at the transport layer of the OSI model, meaning it requires a connection to communicate. TCP communication is reliable because it relays dropped packets.

TCP establishes a three-way handshake. The source host sends a SYN packet to the server, the server receives the SYN packet and sends an ACK packet to the client, which sends its ACK packet to the server to complete the connection.

What kind of architecture places a firewall in front of the VPN to protect it from Internet-based attacks, as well as behind a firewall to protect the internal network?



DMZ based.


A VPN or Virtual Private Network, as the name suggests, is a network that virtually extends a private network over a public network or the Internet, to provide secure access to users who cannot physically access the actual private network.

A DMZ fenced zone is an isolated point between an internal or private network and the Internet, configured to provide access to untrusted or unauthorized users. DMZ-based VPN is a virtual private network with two firewalls that protect the Internet and the edge of the private network, but provide access to users.

A ______ research is when the buyer looks for information beyond their personal knowledge to help make a purchase decision, such as checking the Internet, asking a friend, or visiting a showroom.


Answer: External

Explanation: External research can be explained as additional information collected beyond a person's personal knowledge or experience to influence the person's decision about a particular product or topic. This additional information may include: information sought by friends and family, internet or online research on relevant websites, blogs or publications.

Therefore, a buyer who asks a friend, consults the Internet or visits a showroom, or asks other questions beyond his personal knowledge to make a purchase decision, is doing an external search.

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In HTML for a three-column layout, a side, a main element, and a side are encoded inside a body element. Then, to use float to arrange the top and side elements in left-to-right order on a web page, you can use CSS to a. float the first side to the left b. float the main content in the center and let the side parts flow around it c. float both sides and main content to the left d. float the first side to the left and the second side to the right



w. float both sides and the main content to the left.


The CSS float property decides the placement of an element within its container, the CSS float property allows you to place block-level elements next to each other instead of on top of each other. The buoy: left; The property allows you to float the element to the left of its container.


w. float both sides and the main content to the left


Web development is the creation and development of web pages. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are examples of web development programming tools.

HTML is a markup language used to describe the content of a web page. CSS or Cascading Style Sheet is used to describe, parse the web page in a browser, JavaScript is used for interactive programming.

The float attribute in CSS is used to position the element, embedded after each declaration. Therefore, if a side element, main content, and another side element (arranged in that order) are to be arranged in a three-column row, all three elements must float to the left.

Tele'Wire, the mobile phone manufacturer, offers free connections to customers who buy their mobile phones. This connection cost is included in the price of the mobile phone. Tele'Wire pursues a ________ approach to implementing the free economy.


Answer: cross-subsidies

Explanation: Cross-subsidization is a market practice in which a particular product is used to boost the sale of another product, making a lower profit or sale, or to increase the sale of a particular good or service. It includes the combination of two or more products or goods sold as one with all prices of the combined product together.

In the above scenario, the connection appears to be given away for free, this is done elsewhere to generate an income stream elsewhere, ie the sale of mobile phones, with the two prices added into a single, enticing package.

A lender might prefer to lend at 10% compounded semi-annually, but a borrower would prefer a loan at 10% compounded annually. Right or wrong?



It is true that a rate of 10% compounded semiannually should be preferred.


The interest rate is the amount of charge a lender uses for assets. It is usually an annual basis or an annual percentage,

Assets include

  • money
  • consumer goods
  • large assets

If a borrower is high risk, they will be charged higher. This means that the borrower will have to repay the original loan from the bank.

A leader prefers the compound interest method that the borrower pays.

A leader should prefer a semi-annual fee (twice a year).

The borrower prefers a loan with an interest rate of 10% per annum.

"Unicorn designs Inc., a software company, requires its employees to wear a certain color every day of the week. The colors for the days of the week are currently orange, red, green, yellow, and blue, respectively. The colors are changes over time and employees are informed about it. Colors must be visible and can be on anything such as scarves, bags, ties or socks. According to management, the color coding system makes the company a lively and fun place to work. This management decision affects _____."



Organizational culture


Organizational culture is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs that govern how people behave in organizations. These shared values ​​have a strong influence on individuals in the organization and dictate how they dress, act and do their work.

Answer: Organizational culture

Explanation: Organizational culture can be described as a set of values, behaviors, attitudes or norms defined and peculiar to an organization that govern the social and psychological environment of the business. Organizational culture can define the way of interaction, dress, language, or other social etiquette unique to a given organization based on the history, nature, or what the organization stands for.

In the above scenario, the color coding system is an organizational culture that characterizes Unicorn design Inc. which dictates the dress code of its employees.

Other questions

The food calorie, equal to 4186 J, is a measure of the amount of energy released when the body metabolizes food. A particular energy bar contains 140 calories of food. a) If a 65-kg mountain climber eats a barbell, how high must he climb to "break through" the calories, assuming all the energy of eating goes into increasing gravitational potential energy? b) If, as is more common, only 20% of the calories in food go to mechanical energy, what would your answer be to part (a)? The brain and nervous system essentially function as an information processing system, powered by electrical impulses and chemical messengers. When an impulse travels through a neuron, it does so electrically. When that impulse reaches the end of the line, it communicates with the next neuron using _____. An aqueous solution of dextrose with a density of 1.04 g/cm3 freezes at –1.15°C. Find the osmotic pressure of this solution at 25°C. Kf of water is 1.86 °C/m. molecular mass of dextrose = 180.16 g/mol. Ten-year-old Marie is sad. Cries. Her older brother Pavlos looks at her and continues to watch TV. Paul may be showing signs of _____. What must change for the following sentence to be true? According to the Schachter-Singer law, simple tasks perform best when arousal levels are relatively high, and complex tasks perform best when arousal is low. Katia works an extra hour a day for nine weekdays in exchange for a three-day shift every other week. What plan does Katya's employer provide, based on this example? What is a management system, other than a measurement system, that enables organizations to clarify their vision and strategy and translate them into action? Regarding the process of communication, what term refers to the conversion of a sender's ideas and thoughts into a message, usually in the form of words or signs? In the early decades of the 20th century, Theodore Roosevelt coined the term ______ to describe writers who instigated change by targeting powerful political and industrial people and institutions. Arteries supplying the same area often merge together, forming arterial anastomoses. Arteries supplying the same area often merge together, forming arterial anastomoses. T The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was primarily driven by ______ of the 1990s? The US National Institute of Standards and Technology. defines the incident response life cycle as having four main processes: 1) preparedness; 2) detection and analysis; 3) containment, eradication and recovery; and 4) ____. Which type of pressure ulcer has intact skin and may include changes in skin temperature (warm or cold), tissue consistency (firm or soft), and/or pain? A series RLC circuit has an applied voltage of 240 volts. R = 48 Ω, XL = 100 Ω, XC = 36 Ω, and Z = 80 Ω. What is the voltage drop across the capacitor? Is Nike's logo an example of ________ tools for creating a brand position that differentiates it from its competitors? A consumer has two basic options for taking a trip: rent a car for $30 a day and spend two days traveling to the destination, or spend $400 on a plane ticket and fly to the destination in two hours. The marginal uses of car rental and airline tickets are the same. The consumer values ​​time at $5 per hour. The rational consumer probably The depolarizing phase of an action potential requires _____. The depolarizing phase of an action potential requires _____. K channels open in the membrane Ca2 concentration gradient across the membrane K concentration gradient across the membrane Ca2 channels open in the membrane Na channels open in the membrane Cholesterol is synthesized in __________ and is the raw material for the production of ____________. Select the correct answer from the options below and then select the submit answer button. pancreas; testosterone liver; Pancreatic DNA? cellulose liver; pancreatic testosterone; Vitamin A The doctor. Haxton told one of his students: "To move through the bloodstream, fats need the help of phospholipids." What would a good student say? The doctor. Haxton told one of his students: "To move through the bloodstream, fats need the help of phospholipids." What would a good student say? Monique is a sixth grader in high school who is considered a school bully by other students and the principal because she constantly yells at other girls and calls them names on the playground. Monique exhibits _____ bullying.

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