Marijuana use and weight loss. How can you smoke weed and still lose weight? (2023)

Haus effects of marijuana Marijuana use and weight loss. How can you smoke marijuana and still lose weight?

December 27, 2018

Marijuana use and weight loss

How can you smoke marijuana and still lose weight?

The link between marijuana and weight loss may seem strange to most who know stoners and cravings. In fact, many still believe that marijuana could lead to weight gain because it increases appetite by triggering the release of hormones in the brain that make you feel hungry or hungry. However, recent research shows that it supports claims that certain strains of marijuana may actually be beneficial to you.r stimulate weight loss as well as diet contrary to popular belief.

Weight Loss With Marijuana: Does It Really Work?

While shifting the entire burden of losing those extra pounds isn't the kind of benefit we can expect from marijuana, research is being done showing cannabis helps with weight loss. A 2011 study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology shares the observation that people who used cannabis were less likely to be obese than those who didn't.

Dig deep another to studyby the University of Calgary and the Canadian Center for Addiction to assess the relationship between cannabis use and body mass using mice as subjects. Various gut-dwelling microorganisms and their relationship to cannabis use have also been observed. Subjects were fed a low-protein or high-fat diet along with THC or placebo for more than six weeks. While the mice that ate a high-fat diet gained up to 20% in body mass, the mice that received THC along with a high-fat diet showed no weight gain until the end of the trial.

The pathway also aimed to understand the relevance of gut microbes in this case and observed that obese mice had a high ratio of Firmicutes microbes compared to Bacteroides microbes, which were under control in the case of THC-induced mice. This prevented weight gain in these mice. "Akkermansia muciniphila" was another microbe whose numbers increased in THC-exposed mice on a high-fat diet, while mice fed a lean diet showed no such changes even after THC exposure. This helps to theorize that THC may be helpful in interacting with and preventing the gut microbes responsible for weight gain.

Several studies mimicking the above were conducted in different countries such as Canada, UK, Hungary, Italy, Poland, etc. and the similarities in the results led to the conclusion that cannabis use had significant effects in reducing the BMI.

A new perspective on cannabis and its relationship to weight loss

While obesity has generally been linked to eating habits and lifestyle habits, today stress has become a major component. Losing weight is certainly impossible in stressed people and also has a strong negative effect on general health.

Stress triggers a hormone called cortisol, which fills the blood and gives us the energy to respond in a similar way in a "fight or flight" situation. In this state, the body tends to burn fewer calories and fat than normal. A stressful lifestyle means being forced to achieve that body state too often, leading to difficulty in losing weight. But research into marijuana and its effectiveness in reducing stress and related symptoms has intensified in the recent past.

The THC present in marijuana helps create a feeling of euphoria, which improves your mood and helps you feel calm and relaxed. This could mean that using THC to relieve stress can certainly contribute to effective weight loss, although clinical evidence to back up these claims is yet to be produced. Another ingredient in cannabis, CBD, can also be effective for stress management.

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A study shows that CBD is effective at lowering cortisol levels in the body, which may be beneficial for improving metabolism and burning excess fat.


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There are two main active compounds in marijuana, CBD and THC. Considered an appetite suppressant, CBD is responsible for regulating appetite and protecting insulin-producing cells, which can eventually lead to weight loss. THC is responsible for increasing appetite, creating the "high" feeling, and causing what are known as "munchies." These two components work together in a very unexpected way.

Despite the fact that THC and CBD send mixed messages to the brain, resulting in cannabis users consuming an average of 600 more calories per day than non-cannabis users, the NCBI study concluded that cannabis users were cannabis54% less likely to have metabolic syndrome than non-cannabis users.

Justin Kander, Research and Development Coordinator forAunt Zelda, says: “Cannabis use, through its modulation of the endocannabinoid system, can improve overall health, including maintaining proper weight. More specifically, various cannabinoids have been linked to the potential to control weight or the symptoms of obesity. An article pointed this outTHC as a possible treatment for obesity, and another showed thatCBD and THCV may benefit fatty liver disease associated with obesity. Further research will yield strategies to maximize the effectiveness of each cannabinoid."

Related toto studypublished by theNational Center for Biotechnology Information; The potential of THCV and CBD to treat fatty liver disease associated with obesity, a condition that can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Therefore, the use of THCV and CBD can reduce the occurrence of some of the leading causes of death in the western world.


We have 3 tips for you...

Marijuana use and weight loss. How can you smoke weed and still lose weight? (2)

Keep in mind that there are some strains that will help you focus on daily tasks and make you feel less "high". This can also help you with your weight loss goal. I know that sounds too good to be true, but maybe it isn't.

  1. Watch your Munchies shot:But here's the rub, but this benefit is subjective and can easily go the wrong way if you don't have the willpower. An example would be knocking over a large pizza due to extreme cravings! Check out our blog post7 Helpful Ways to Avoid Unhealthy Snacks! Why marijuana makes you want to eat and what you can do about it.

  2. Use the high to train;Yes you can! My final conclusion so far; Any experience can be so much more superior and meaningful when I'm high. Iconosume is a high THC sativa.smoking cannabis before exercise,before each visit to the gym; I've found that high THC strains allow for relaxation during pre-workout stretches, better focus, and greater awareness of my body. Then I consume CBD after the gym, which tends to reduce inflammation and helps me relax from the intensity of the workout.

  3. Strains of Marijuana:If you're wondering if marijuana can help you lose weight, start with the strain of marijuana you smoke. There are "snack-free" strains that are technically higher in CBD and lower in THC. This will help reduce food cravings and keep you away from unfortunate blackout cravings.

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3 strains of marijuana that can help you lose weight

While medical marijuana has opened up arenas to explore various benefits, the dominant CBD strains have taken the market by storm. This is due to interest from users who want to enjoy the benefits of the plant without the high. Every single strain of cannabis has some distinctive traits such as:autoflowering seedsSome of these can be beneficial to humans.

The right marijuana strains can help trigger the right chemicals to support weight loss. Below are some strains that can be used effectively to experience this effect. Most of these strains are sativa or hybrid strains that make good diet strains.

  1. Lammbrot:This strain helps to relax the mind and body and also increases overall energy.You can find more details about this strain here.

  2. snow cap:This strain induces a feeling of euphoria in the body and helps elevate mood.You can find more details about this strain here.

  3. Cinderella 99:This strain is particularly effective in treating depression and stress symptoms, and also induces a sense of motivation. It also doesn't increase appetite.You can find more details about this strain here.

Weight loss programs with marijuanaCreated with the help of a doctor, it can help create a balanced routine. The program will be a combination of diet, cannabis use, and exercise regimens that will help produce the expected results. However, the effectiveness of such programs has yet to be determined without sufficient clinical evidence to support claims that cannabis can aid in weight loss. In this case, think of it as a catalyst rather than relying on it entirely.

The fitness affinity has seen several revolutionary changes over the past few years that have had some positive impact. The main vision should always be a healthy lifestyle.S tsteroidsIt can also effectively help you achieve your weight loss goals by building strong muscles. Losing weight through eating a natural and healthy diet and doing enough physical work can have a positive impact on overall health and well-being.


Marijuana use and weight loss. How can you smoke weed and still lose weight? (3)

One last time "IT'S UP TO YOU!"

People around you WILL judge you, blame you, and call you a "stonehead" in the most derogatory way if you give them a reason. Whether you want to be healthy and still enjoy your marijuana lifestyle, or whether you want to get unhealthy, lazy and fat is up to you.

Just don't come to me and complain about the stigma of marijuana. You are in control of how marijuana affects you and your lifestyle. Luis Santiago, director ofCannaSense Absolute well-being, describing his experience with marijuana; “I agree with all of these findings, adding that moderation is the key to almost everything in life, same stupid excuses that cannabis makes people lazy; it can also be used to say that it helps people focus and to discredit the fable. It all comes down to the person and their commitment to good health.

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James continues; "I've smoked since I was 12 and at the peak of my abuse I was smoking a pound a month on my own. Eventually, I realized I had an addictive personality, but being a maverick at heart, I was able to put that down to an ounce a month...started and finished 23 marathons (4 for the training team), 2 triathlons in New York and 2 bike rides over 150 miles for the MS Society... all under the influence.”

This is a stoner I'm proud of.


Marijuana may seem irrelevant to weight loss, but it really isn't. It seems like we have a lot of scientific research on our side.However, it is still somewhat difficult to verify whether or not cannabis can have a direct impact on weight loss.

Because marijuana remains socially acceptable and legal in many states, scientific studies are easier to implement legally. Additionally, survey participants will be more willing to admit their cannabis addiction, and the industry as a whole is expected to grow dramatically. Consequently, with a more thorough scientific investigation to challenge our beliefs as true stoners.

That being said, I firmly believe that the US needs to get rid of cannabis so it doesn't get programmed at all. At this point, cannabis is listed asAnnex 1, meaning it has no medicinal value and falls in the same category as heroin and LSD. The studies conducted, despite the restricted access due to regulations, were able to clearly show that there are medical benefits.

Die National Cancer Institution, a government agency, reported that THC has been shown to kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells. Again, if cannabis were removed from the schedule system, a lot of research could be done in an elaborate and precise manner. This would lead to a better understanding of the medical benefits, and even the negatives could be measured more appropriately.

Reach out to your lawmakers and tell them it's time to end prohibition in the United States. Metabolic syndrome only scratches the surface of what cannabis can prevent.

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