Inside Suri Cruise's Home Life - The List (2023)

Inside Suri Cruise's Home Life - The List (1)

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VonKyan Patten/October 16, 2022 11:59 a.m. EST

Being the daughter of well-known celebrities like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes takes a toll. Some good, some bad. From her birth in 2006 to her inevitable growth into a teenager,the life of suricruisewas known and unknown to the general public. While we can safely assume that his home life is filled with upper-class privileges, it can be difficult for a growing child to manage this kind of lifestyle - something Holmes has always overseen since his childhood.Tom's sudden divorce in 2012. Despite the attention Suri Cruise may attract due to her respectable parents, her home life isn't entirely lawless. Hoping to give her daughter a sense of "normalcy" in her life, Holmes is trying to instill in her now 16-year-old daughter the values ​​her family taught her (viaPeople).

What exactly are these "normalities"? Some of them might be freedom of expression, gratitude, and most importantly, a good relationship with family. It's clear that Katie Holmes wants nothing but the world for her daughter, but she also wants her to understand the role that privilege plays in the Holmes household. It's just a construct that allows her to have a great life, not something that determines worth and worth. In addition, there are many other anecdotes about her life that may shock us. To explore that notion further, here are some things we know about Suri Cruise's home life.

Suri Cruise Doesn't See Her Dad That Often

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The relationship between a child and his father must be nurtured and protected. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case for Suri Cruise and her absent father. Since Tom Cruise's last public outing with his daughter was in 2012, it's safe to assume their relationship isn't great. Although Tom explained that he still loves his daughter (viahollywood life), the two haven't had much contact over the years. So much so that 2016inTouch weeklystated that Tom had not seen or spoken to her for over two and a half years. As of April 18, 2021, many believe the number of no contact days has increased since Tom Cruise.spent his daughter's 15th birthday in EnglandFilming of "Mission: Impossible 7".

Becausestrained relationshipmay have stopped Suri Cruise from reaching out to her estranged father. Despite custody decisions limiting Tom's visitation schedule, he appears to have attributed his fatherly failings to his on-screen commitments - with a source telling the New York Post that "if he wanted to see her, he could see her." (viaHindustan era) Hoping to avoid negative public attention, Katie and Suri have not spoken about their strained relationship. As the mother-daughter bond strengthens, Tom Cruise appears to be a touchy subject that the two prefer not to talk about publicly - as it could open up old wounds.

Suri Cruise does not practice Scientology

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Parents' religious beliefs can often have a devastating impact on their growing children's livelihood. Although Suri Cruise spent her early years close to the Church of Scientology, it was only due to Tom Cruise's influence. Tom has become a prominent figure in the Church of Scientology since his first wife.Mimi Rogers, introduced him to the now controversial religion (viathe daily beast). What Katie Holmes described as an "intense time" for her and her daughter stemmed from a sudden but calculated split that saw the Dawson Creek actress escape the clutches of Tom's religious lifestyle. In a lawsuit over his $50 million lawsuit against Life & Style and InTouch magazines for defamation, Tom revealed that his religion may have played a role in his divorce - suggesting the split wasn't just because of her, but also because of from Suri (throughNew Yorker Tagesnachrichten).

When asked if Holmes wanted to stay away from Scientology to protect Suri, Tom said: "Did she say that? That was one of their claims, yes." When lawyers asked if Holmes still practiced Scientology, Tom said “no.” In addition to growing dislike for the celebrity-focused religion, Holmes does not seem to want his son to be associated with Scientology in any way. from New York was probably an attempt to distance herself and her daughter from the lifestyle she doesn't seem to like.

After her parents divorced, she attended private school.

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To honor Tom's religious beliefs, Suri spent her early years schooled at home. According to an interview with New York Magazine, Katie Holmes said that she loves taking "one-on-one lessons." Since their divorce, however, Holmes has opted to let Suri go to school in hopes of giving her a normal life - something most children of successful actresses lack. Despite reports that Suri was enrolled at Convent of the Sacred Heart private school in Manhattan,AND! Newsstated that he attended Avenues in 2012 - the same year Tom and Holmes broke up. While Avenues may not have an alumni full of notable celebrities like Paris Hilton or Lady Gaga, the luxurious private school offers Suri the sense of normalcy that Holmes is looking for. The school enforces dress codes, is academically advanced, and offers no special treatment.

While this may seem counter-intuitive, given Holmes' affectionate and private nature, she understands the importance of Suri receiving a good education without isolating her. It also helps that the luxurious private school does not reveal any information about the students who attend the school. Lute! News, an Avenues representative, stated, "It is our policy not to comment on prospective or current students, parents and families." While a $40,000-a-year private school isn't necessarily "normal," it is for a kid like Suri about as normal as it gets.

Katie Holmes is limiting her time online

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Ever since moving to New York City, Katie Holmes doesn't seem to like drawing attention to herself and her beloved daughter. While we all know about their adorable relationship, we only get a glimpse of it through brief interview responses and quick snaps on Holmes' Instagram. According to an interview byPeople, Holmes is very picky about what he shares on social media. “I try to post things that take time,” explained Holmes, “I'm careful what I share; I'm thinking about it. It's like a magazine to me." While Suri Cruise has become her own, her mother's influence seems to have put her off social media altogether.

We all know that the internet can be a very dark place. As the daughter of two megastars, Suri can be an easy target for anyone looking to leave horrible comments. Despite what some fan accounts may say, her social media presence is virtually non-existent. Why? Because Holmes prefers life to life instead of living it over the phone. While this might seem unattractive to a child, it seems to have made Suri a versatile adult. AccordinglyMaria Clara, she revealed one of the challenges she faced when Suri's father "limited the time she and her daughter spent online".

Suri Cruise often makes "small acts of kindness".

Suri Cruise was lucky enough to be born rich. You will often find that with your notoriety, the kids have everything in their power - which makes it easy for them not to be a good person. To prevent Cruise from becoming this 'spoiled rich girl', Katie Holmes insisted on giving her daughter a normal upbringing. As a result, Holmes understood her role as a mother and said, "I do a lot to give life some perspective" (viaToday). According to Holmes, she and Suri spend a lot of time helping those in need. “We help the homeless. We do small acts of kindness," she told Today. "Again, it's a daily thing."

Evidence of this can be found with herinstagram pagewhere in 2019 she shared images of her trip to the Morian refugee camp, known for its poor living conditions, overcrowding and cases of aggression. As a member of the non-profit organizationArtolution, Holmes has volunteered along with his daughter and several women to make public works of art in hopes of bringing about positive change (viaMaria Clara). While family life may bring privileges for Suri that many of us craved as kids, Holmes seems to be doing a part of it to make sure Suri is aware of those less fortunate and does whatever it takes to help. All in the name of being a good person.

She is encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities

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Suri Cruise may have her mother's caring personality, but according to Katie Holmes, she definitely has her father's athletic ability (viaYouTube). Knowing this may have led Holmes to allow his daughter to hone her gifts through her chosen medium. Trying to understand your child's sporadic efforts can be a daunting task for parents. However, Holmes intended to create a positive environment in which Suri would be encouraged to freely pursue her aspirations. “We just focused on what she loves and how you feel when you reach your goals. Be true to your opinion," said HolmesToday, "I'm listening to her."

From her early years in ballet to her nownatural ability to sing, Suri's freedom to dabble in extracurricular activities has turned her into the multitalented teenager she is today. While Holmes can pat himself on the back for raising such a capable person, Suri's "strong personality" also played a heavy hand in achieving certain goals. According to an interview withnot style, Holmes revealed just how tough her daughter is — saying, "She'll pick one activity and work until she gets really good at it. Then she says, 'Okay, I'll try the next thing.'" Rinse and repeat. Having that kind of mindset at a young age is really inspiring. next time will rule everything.

From a young age, she was allowed to wear makeup.

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Katie Holmes has expressed her desire to create Suri Cruise individually. With this, we can see that Holmes uses unpopular methods to achieve this, such as allowing Suri to wear lipstick at such a young age. While it doesn't directly harm a child's well-being — depending on how you look at it — covering your 5-year-old daughter's face in makeup is something most mothers would immediately object to. Fortunately for Suri, Holmes is far from a "normal mother". For those still confused as to why, her 2011 interview with Elle magazine gave us some insight as to why this was allowed in the Holmes household.

According to Holmes, Suri first showed an interest in fashion when she was just four years old - a year before she was spotted wearing makeup (viahollywood life). Holmes revealed that Suri doesn't hide her opinions about the clothes her mother wears. "Like today, I'm wearing brown suede pants and she said, 'I don't like her pants,'" Holmes told Elle (viaYahoo!), "But then she'll say, 'You have to wear those shoes.' Or 'This is so pretty, Mom. Wear this.'" Suri's strong opinions and advice about her mother's fashion ensembles may have allowed her to wear makeup. opinion, Holmes decided to stay true to her word and allowed her daughter to express herself through fashion.

Suri Cruise has a strong relationship with her family.

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A healthy home life is rooted in the relationship you have with your family. At its core, the support of a loving family can foster healthy habits — both physical and mental — that will last for years to come. Since her divorce from Holmes in 2012, she's been determined to raise Suri with the same values ​​she learned as a child. According to a close relative, Holmes often took Suri out to introduce her to relatives in Toledo, Ohio (viaRadar-Online).

"As the youngest of five children, Katie loved growing up in a big family," the family source explained, "so she wants the exact same experience for Suri." to introduce Suri to her cousins ​​because she feared Suri didn't know enough kids her age. Due to Tom Cruise's protective nature, Suri's life at this point was full of luxury and privilege. The transition to the 6-year-old princess wasn't easy, as she wasn't used to the concept of "sharing your toys with cousins". However, that slowly faded as the family member explained that her vivacious personality won them over. "They had only seen Suri in magazines and family photos before," they told Radar Online, "so meeting a celebrity her age made them feel even more special."

She stays out of the spotlight

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While it's not exactly normal to go to a $40,000-a-year private school and live in a $25,000-a-month penthouse on Manhattan's Upper West Side, Holmes does his best to give Suri Cruise the chance to have a private life. Despite run-ins with the paparazzi, Suri often appears in public alongside her mother. When Holmes moved to New York after her divorce in 2012, she stated that she felt overwhelmed by the amount of attention she was getting (vianot style). “This time it was intense. It was a lot of attention and on top of that I had a young son," Holmes told the publication.

This "intense time" for the mother-daughter duo was likely the catalyst for their commitment to privacy. Hoping to escape the intrusive nature of publicity, Holmes tries to keep his daughter out of the spotlight as much as possible. An example of this is their "date" at the American Ballet Theater Spring Gala in New York. The two were spotted leaving the event, which took place at the Metropolitan Opera House, on May 21, 2018.icing sugar, Suri, 12, stayed close to her mother overnight. The only time she wasn't holding hands with her mother was on the red carpet. While a lot of conjecture can be made as to why this is, it's safe to assume that Suri didn't take pictures with her mother because of the potential for unwanted attention.

Suri Cruise is not spoon-fed

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In the early years of Suri Cruise, we could see her parents getting excited and fulfilling their princess wishes. During Katie Holmes' appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2014 (viaYouTube) the actress revealed how demanding her daughter can be. With Christmas just a month away, Holmes explained that this is an anxious time for her because she "can't screw up talking to Santa." Though she revealed that her daughter was somewhat practical, Suri's attention to detail has given us hope that she won't become a real prima donna when she grows up.

Fortunately, Holmes understood how giftedness can distort a child's perception of life. With the infinite amount of privileges Suri has, she is careful not to "burden her daughter with too many things" (viaToday). Despite her wearing designer clothes as a child, Holmes has made it clear that while Suri is privileged enough to be rich, that doesn't stop her from working like everyone else. Suri seemed to notice at age 12 when she ran her own lemonade stand at the LGBT Pride March in New York in 2018. According to an eyewitness, Suri and her friends charged $2 a jar and offered archery-themed Rice Krispies treats -iris for gifts (viaus weekly). "She was very sweet and friendly, telling everyone to enjoy the day and smiling when someone walked by," said the eyewitness. "Very sweet."


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