Google Ads Search Certification Exam Answers - Indras Academy (2023)

1. Silly Sayings has a lot of website traffic, but the company wants to generate more qualified leads. They are interested in trying ad extensions to see if they can increase the number of qualified leads they receive.

How can ad extensions help companies like Silly Sayings generate more qualified leads?

  • Present users with catalog options for a product
  • Attract users with creative elements
  • Dynamic use of negative keywords, based on user site content
  • Provision of relevant information to users in advance

2. Jasmine is the marketing manager of a chain of clothing stores. She has been given a set budget and needs to attract as many potential customers to her website as possible.

What automatic bidding strategy should she use in her campaign?

  • Return on Ad Spend (tROAS)
  • maximize clicks
  • maximize conversions
  • Desirable impression share

3. Which audience prospecting solution would help you find new customers who share the behaviors and characteristics of your remarketing audience segments?

  • Lookalike audiences to search for
  • Relevant audience
  • Target market audience
  • customer correspondence

4. Does the market audience provide an opportunity to specifically identify which type of user?

  • Someone who is thinking of buying
  • Someone who is passionate about a subject
  • Someone who is interested in a subject
  • Someone who writes content about a topic

5. How does Performance Planner help companies increase sales?

  • Maximizing the number of conversions for a spend scenario
  • Relying on customer feedback for optimal ad placement
  • By choosing the types of ads that your target audience finds most appealing
  • Providing a discount on all ads after purchasing a license

6. Which ad extension is only available as a fully automated ad extension?

  • Expand seller ratings
  • price extension
  • message extension
  • application extension

7. Karen's washing machine broke, so she Googles to find a new one. He sees many Google search ads for washing machines in the results.

Which of the following are some of the parameters that the Google Search Network ad auction uses to determine which ads Karen sees? (Choose two)

Choose 2 correct answers

  • advertiser offer
  • campaign type
  • Ad group size
  • Number of advertiser campaigns
  • ad relevance

8. What are two best practices for creating ads? (Choose two)

Choose 2 correct answers

  • Separate each ad into an individual ad group to simplify reporting.
  • Run one ad per ad group per keyword for up to 100 ads.
  • Include three to five ads and at least three extensions in each ad group.
  • Optimize your campaign ad rotation for clicks or conversion actions.

9. Alex launched a Google search campaign to promote his motorcycle accessories online store. Your store focuses on custom helmets.

How can Google search ads add value to Alex?

  • Linking your ad to relevant social media groups.
  • Show your ad on a website that reviews motorcycle helmets.
  • Including your advertisement on similar motorcycle accessory shop websites.
  • Show your ad to people searching for information about helmets.

10. Marta's online store sells accessories for a widely used smartphone and its current customer base shares some relevant characteristics. She believes she will get the best return on her investment by narrowing down the audience for her Google search campaign.

What are two Google search campaign settings that can be configured to target more specific customers? (Choose two)

Choose 2 correct answers

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  • Location
  • Budget
  • browser
  • budget type
  • Device type

11. What are the top two benefits of using shared search solutions? (Choose two)

Choose 2 correct answers

  • Bid correctly when certain groups of people are searching for your product or service
  • Determine the most effective ad programs to get the best results for your budget
  • Get deep insights into the bidding strategies that could work best for your search campaigns
  • Reach different audience segments with unique messages that are highly relevant to them
  • Review missed opportunities on ad extensions and ad variations

12. A marketer is working on a remarketing strategy for his Search Network advertising campaign. They want to re-engage high-value customers.

Which type of audience is likely to have the highest lifetime value?

  • People who have already shopped on a competitor's website
  • People who have already purchased a large amount of products from the site
  • People to whom the company has advertised through traditional media channels
  • People who have heard about the company but have never visited the company's website

13. An electronics company introduces a new television with voice control. Business owners decide to use broad match in their search ad campaign with the keywords "television with voice control".n'.

How will broad matching benefit the company's campaign?

  • The ad will only appear if the search terms contain the specific TV brand, ensuring relevance.
  • The ad will be shown to past customers regardless of search terms to expand user reach.
  • The ad will only appear if the search terms contain the keyword "television", ensuring relevance.
  • Your ad will be shown to more users by showing new, relevant queries.

14. Maria said she had to use the Performance Planner on a monthly basis.

Why would he do that?

  • To react to changing external factors
  • To check new keyword opportunities.
  • To check status issues.
  • Demographic performance analysis.

15. An account manager creates their first search ad on Google. They want to create an attractive and relevant ad that potential customers will respond positively to.

What are two ways an account manager can create an ad that will get people to click on it? (Choose two)

Choose 2 correct answers

  • List the ad at the bottom of the search results.
  • Present a relevant title.
  • Include a current offer.
  • Increase the font size.

16. A marketing associate manages online marketing campaigns for a vitamin and supplement store. They launch a Google search campaign and select "website traffic" as the campaign's marketing objective.

What result should the marketing partner expect from the campaign?

  • Email applications from people interested in a healthy lifestyle
  • More followers on the store's social networks
  • More customers discover the store's products on the website
  • Increased online sales through the store website

17.Trina sells dolls and accessories and doesn't have much time to update quest campaigns with her ever-changing inventory.

How can dynamic search ads help Trina?

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  • Keyword lists can be automatically generated based on site offers.
  • Lower offer rates may be used based on inventory levels.
  • Inventory update dates can be set manually.
  • Additional web crawlers may be used to check your inventory.

18. What is the main purpose of providing ad extensions?

  • Give users control over the types of ads they see.
  • Opening additional ad space to extend character limits.
  • Providing the right users with the right information at the right time.
  • Make ads more engaging by using image and video elements.

19.What is the benefit of using sitelink extension?

  • Users can more easily perform a desired action by going directly to relevant pages.
  • People can call your business more easily.
  • Users can go directly to the home page of the website.
  • Users can download the app directly from the search ad.

20. Why should campaigns with different marketing objectives be separated into different Performance Planning plans?

  • Thus, this expenditure is not reallocated between two different marketing objectives
  • To prevent campaigns from being converted to "Limited budget".
  • To avoid possible duplicate keywords between different marketing objectives.
  • So that seasonal trends can be better identified for each individual marketing objective.

21. What type of user will the Google Ads system match as a relevant audience?

  • Someone who has shown an interest in movies
  • A student looking for loan advice
  • A father taking care of his son
  • Individual interested in buying a car

22. What is the main benefit of using structured snippet extensions in your ads?

  • It allows you to quickly view information about your promotions without having to update all ads.
  • Give users specific information about what you offer before they visit your site.
  • It allows potential customers to navigate to specific pages on your website directly from the ad.
  • It allows you to display your business address, phone number and a map marker next to your ad text.

23. Your Google Search Ads Optimization Score is calculated by an algorithm that looks at key aspects of your accounts. This score is used to provide recommendations on how to optimize search advertising campaigns.

What are the two data sources used to calculate optimization recommendations? (Choose two.)

Choose 2 correct answers

  • Account settings
  • User-generated scripts
  • account executives
  • Company sales numbers
  • industry data

24. What criteria does Google Ads look at to ensure that search ads comply with Google's advertising policies?

  • Content and formatting
  • Objectives and analysis
  • Similar ads from competitors
  • website experience

25. You've been tasked with promoting a new line of plumbing services, but you have a set budget that you can't exceed.

Why is Google Ads a viable option?

  • Google Ads allows you to limit the number of ads you pay for based on your business.
  • Google Ads guarantees phone calls to your business.
  • Google Ads puts you in control of your budget.
  • Google Ads offers separate auctions for low budgets.

26. Jim created a Google Search Network ad with a bid of $5.00. Two other advertisers in an auction have bids of £2.50 and £2.

How much would Jim pay for the first auction slot?

  • 4,50 £
  • 5 £
  • 2,50 £
  • 2,51 £

27. You're working on a Google search ad that isn't working as expected. You specifically want more people to click on the ad.

What action can improve the click-through rate of your ad?

  • Change your ad's call to action
  • Increase the credibility of the website
  • Modify the ad landing page to load faster
  • Advertising bid rate reduction

28. When running a successful Google Ads campaign, why would you choose automatic bidding over manual bidding?

  • Because bidding automation is an industry standard feature that allows for a lower degree of accuracy based on the conversion opportunity of each auction.
  • Due to the dynamic nature of Google auctions, the right bid can often be a moving target that is difficult to achieve at scale when using manual bidding.
  • Because user intent and the likelihood of completing valuable actions for your business almost never varies by location, time, or device.
  • Because cross-referencing data with context to determine intent and determine the right offer is a simpler and simpler task.

29. Mario owns a shop that sells skateboarding equipment. Mario understands that people are more likely to notice headline text in a text ad.

What should Mario include in his title?

  • At least one of your keywords
  • The physical address of your store
  • A phone number where customers can contact you
  • Messages that include "Click here!"

30. A performance marketing manager wants to improve search campaign performance. They check the Google Ads suggestions page and see that the campaign's optimization score is 22%.

How should the manager interpret this rating?

  • The campaign budget needs to increase by 22% to be fully optimized.
  • Campaign performance can improve by 78% if the manager adopts optimization score suggestions.
  • The campaign outperforms 78% of similar companies.
  • Campaign needs 22% improvement to be fully optimized.

31. Leo is in charge of advertising the clothing lines of a major manufacturer. It uses the Google Ads Suggestions page to help you evaluate your search advertising campaigns.

What feature makes optimization suggestions valuable for Leo?

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  • Suggestions only apply to selected keywords.
  • Proposals are created by top-level account executives.
  • Recommendations are tailored to the specific account.
  • Suggestions provide general information from Google.

32. What does the advertiser offer with dynamic search ads?

  • A list of websites
  • A machine learning algorithm
  • A list of search terms
  • a title

33. Helen's Heating and Air (HHA) wants to generate interest in its new smart refrigerators. They know that WidgetCo also sells smart fridges. The HHA marketer creates the broad match keyword "cooler" and adds "WidgetCo" as a negative keyword.

Which two searches could lead to the ad? (Choose two)

Choose 2 correct answers

  • Smart Fridge Reviews
  • energy efficient refrigerator
  • Fridge Reviews WidgetCo
  • WidgetCo Refrigerator Installation
  • WidgetCo Customer Support

34. What is a best practice recommendation for using Performance Planner effectively?

  • Set bids and budgets using last click conversions.
  • Use the Performance Planner annually to predict the impact of your annual strategies.
  • Separate campaigns with different marketing objectives into individual Performance Planning plans.
  • Create account-level plans that combine all campaigns.

35. What is a valid recommendation that Performance Planner can provide?

  • Set a specific target CPA (Cost per Acquisition)
  • Add a thematic group of negative keywords.
  • Create alternative versions of better performing ad variants.
  • Apply specific bid adjustments to device and location targeting.

36. What is an example of an effective lead length?

  • Get in touch with our team
  • Free returns
  • learn more about us
  • Send us a message for more information

37. A travel marketer wants to show its ads only to potential customers who are specifically looking for an all-inclusive vacation to Paris. The marketer decides to use an exact match keyword of 'all inclusive vacation in Paris'.

What search terms can this ad match?

  • The best all-inclusive holidays
  • All-inclusive family holidays
  • all inclusive holidays
  • All inclusive holidays in Paris

38. A marketing manager wants to increase brand awareness and create brand-focused campaigns. Since they cannot spend much time on daily bid management, the manager decides to use automatic bidding.

What Auto Bidding Strategy Should a Marketer Use?

  • Desirable impression share
  • maximize conversions
  • Target cost per acquisition (tCPA)
  • Return on Ad Spend (tROAS)

39. Ingrid wants to get a lot of exposure for a new product line she is launching. He understands that he can reach a significant portion of people on the Internet with the help of a display network campaign.

How will a Display Network campaign achieve Ingrid's marketing goal?

  • Your business will appear on Google Maps, with the option for customers to view your product line there.
  • Your ads will appear above and below search results when people search for relevant keywords.
  • A video summary of your product line will be automatically generated by the system and published on YouTube.
  • Its ads will be displayed on website content related to its business or its customers' interests, based on its targeting decisions.

40. What is the benefit of using audience matching solutions?

  • Connect with potential new users whose interests align with your product
  • You have the ability to develop and target lists based on demographics
  • Collection of users who interacted with your website through the Google Ads remarketing tag
  • Using First Party Data to Reconnect with Past Customers

41. Each Lookalike Audience removes its original list members to ensure what?

  • That no users overlap between a peer list and your original list.
  • That ads appear in competitive positions.
  • These ads are not at risk of double exposure.
  • That only highly relevant traffic is targeted.

42. How can a Google search campaign help launch a company's products?

  • Users may see the company's search ads while browsing other websites.
  • Company search ads may appear when users are comparing different options from competitors.
  • Company search ads may appear in other placements, such as print ads.
  • Your business website will load faster by adding Google search ads.

43. Francis is trying to explain to his boss the benefits of using automatic bidding.

Combine these aspects of automated bidding with the benefits they offer.

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  • time saved
  • machine learning
  • Depth of signals used and cross analysis
  • Bids during the auction
  • Algorithmically helps determine the appropriate bid for each auction
  • Reduces pressure on marketing resources by automating more manual tasks
  • It integrates a wide variety of signals and examines new ones to assess user intent
  • Tailor bids to each user's unique environment using relevant signals present during the auction

44. How can Performance Planner serve your company?

  • Teaching your employees the basics of personal budgeting
  • Determining which Google ads are most appropriate for your brand
  • Optimizing your ad budget for maximum growth
  • Finding areas of your overall budget that can contribute to marketing

45. Jerry understands that expected CTR is one of the top three factors that determine an ad's Quality Score.

What are the other two main factors that Jerry should focus on to improve his Ad Quality Score? (Choose two)

Choose 2 correct answers

  • ad relevance
  • ad dimensions
  • Valor do lance
  • Ad Landing Page Experience
  • Exchange rate

46. ​​You want to increase the relevance of a Google search ad so that it is more meaningful to potential customers and provides value-added information to their searches.

What are two actions that can improve the relevance of your ad? (Choose two)

Choose 2 correct answers

  • Selection of different geographical areas
  • Rewrite the landing page for clarity
  • Change your ad's call to action
  • Select only relevant languages ​​in the campaign setting
  • Publishing transparency statements on the website

47. Marisol manages the online advertising campaigns of a toy store chain with physical and online presence.

Which Google Ads campaign should Marisol use to display her product images, advertise her company's local and online toy inventory, and drive traffic to her website and local toy stores?

  • Shopping
  • video
  • To look for
  • projection

48. Mary is familiarizing herself with the various elements of a text ad.

Match the text ad item descriptions below with the items they describe.

  • It gives users an idea of ​​where they will go if they click on the ad
  • Allows advertisers to provide details about their products or services
  • Take users to a specific page on a website
  • Users usually notice it first

49. Google Ads is designed to help businesses succeed online. To achieve this, Google Ads was based on three key principles.

What are these principles?

  • Influence, awareness and visibility
  • Development, approach and movement
  • Relevance, control and results
  • Sales, appreciation and integrity

50. Gina wants to be able to experiment with different combinations of titles and descriptions to optimize her results. Her marketing department suggests using responsive search ads.

What two benefits could Gina get from using responsive search ads? (Choose two)


Choose 2 correct answers

  • longer funnels
  • eCTR inferior
  • Fewer fraudulent clicks
  • Greater flexibility
  • More relevance


How hard is it to pass Google Ads certification? ›

Overall, the Google Ads certifications are well-known to not be too difficult to pass, especially because you can Google answers to the questions while taking the test. However, because of the time limit, you'll still want to understand a wide range of definitions, concepts, and basic strategy/use cases.

What is the passing score for Google Ads search certification? ›

You will need to have a score of 80% or greater on the certification assessment. You will have 75 minutes to take an assessment. If you don't pass an assessment, you can retake it one day later.

How many questions are on the Google Ads search certification? ›

For the Video Advertising, Shopping Advertising, and Mobile Advertising you have 90 minutes to answer roughly 70 questions. *NOTE that there's no option to pause once you've started the exam. The test will time you until the end even if you shut your computer down so make sure you mark off the time to focus on passing.

What happens if you fail Google Ads certification? ›

if you have failed you will have to wait one day to retake the exam. This applies to other certifications that require one day after failure. Before attempting the exam again, take the opportunity to review and optimize your chances of success.

What is the salary of Google Ads specialist? ›

Google Ads Specialist salary in India ranges between ₹ 1.5 Lakhs to ₹ 8.3 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 4.9 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 204 latest salaries received from Google Ads Specialists.

How much does a Google ad certification make? ›

As of May 6, 2023, the average annual pay for a No Experience Google Adwords Specialist in the United States is $54,319 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $26.11 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,044/week or $4,526/month.

How many times can you fail Google certification? ›

What happens if you don't pass a certification exam? If you don't pass an exam, you can take it again after 14 days. If you don't pass the second time, you must wait 60 days before you can take it a third time. If you don't pass the third time, you must wait 365 days before taking it again.

What score do you need to pass Google certification Level 1? ›

The level 1 google educator exam is kind of like the ACT or SAT test…you get a score, but you don't get to see how you did on specific questions. A minimum score of 80% is required to pass the level 1 exam.

Do companies respect Google certifications? ›

Most employers won't choose you just because you have these credentials. Yet, they will consider them, making Google certification a big plus on your resume during the hiring process. So, these certifications, no doubt, allow you to stand out from other potential candidates.

How many hours is Google Ads certification? ›

There are free Google Ads training classes available, too. Experts say it takes three or four hours to get started with keyword-based search advertising, but mastering Google Ads can take as much as 100 hours or more.

How long does Google Certified last? ›

All Professional Google Cloud certifications are valid for two years from the date an individual certifies.

What is the easiest Google certification to get? ›

The Google Project Management Professional Certification class by Coursera takes our top spot because learners with no prior experience can acquire the skills necessary to succeed in an entry-level project management role in six months or less.

How can I make money from Google Ads? ›

AdSense in three steps
  1. You make your ad spaces available.
  2. The highest paying ads appear on your site.
  3. You get paid. You make your ad spaces available by pasting ad code on your site, and choose where you want the ads to appear. Advertisers bid to show in your ad spaces in a real-time auction.

What is the highest paid position in Google? ›

Research Summary.
  • Research Scientist is the highest-paying job at Google with an average salary of $167,427 and an average hourly rate of $80.49.
  • The second highest-paying job at Google is information technology project manager, with an average salary of $153,565.
Nov 10, 2022

Is being a Google Ad specialist hard? ›

There are many challenges to learning Google Ads and creating a successful campaign. Some of the more common problems are failure to determine your audience and keywords correctly, difficulty describing what makes your business unique, missing information, and a website that doesn't work well on mobile devices.

Is Google Ads Specialist in demand? ›

Overall, the demand for Google Ads specialists in India is high, and salaries are competitive. With the right skills and experience, you can build a successful career as a Google Ads specialist and earn a competitive salary in the digital marketing industry.

Can I make money after learning Google Ads? ›

Google ads are a great way to make money online, especially if you have a small budget. You can start by creating a simple ad and then scaling up your budget as you see results. The best thing about Google ads is that they are very effective and you can target your ads to a specific audience.

What is the highest salary of Google Adwords? ›

Google Adwords salary in India ranges between ₹ 0.9 Lakhs to ₹ 4.7 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 2.2 Lakhs.

How much does it cost to become Google certified? ›

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and you should receive notification on your application status within 4-6 weeks of your initial submission. There is no cost associated with taking the final assessment or applying for certification.

Can you finish a Google certificate in a week? ›

The Google IT Support Certificate can be completed in less than 6 months at under 10 hours per week of part-time study, so most learners can complete the certificate for less than $300 USD. In other countries where Google Career Certificates are available, your cost may be lower.

Did anyone get a job with Google certification? ›

Yes, they certainly do. Employees should broaden their skill sets and obtain professional certifications such as the Google Career Certificates. A Google Certificate can be well worth the effort if you're trying to upskill through a self-paced online course while keeping your fees low.

Which Google certificate is most worth it? ›

The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate is one of the most valuable Google career certifications you can get. Certified data analysts get an entry-level salary of $67,900 per year and can grow to more than $110K per year once they get 10+ years of working experience.

What is the difference between Google Level 1 and 2? ›

Certification Levels

Level 1 certification is based on knowing the fundamentals of Google tools. Level 2 certification is for the advanced user, with requirements to implement tools on a deeper level. Google Certified Trainers are qualified to provide training to schools and districts.

How long does it take to get Google exam results? ›

Google Cloud will evaluate your exam record, including verifying compliance with the Terms and Conditions. Please allow 7-10 days for Google Cloud to confirm your exam results.

How long does Google certification Level 1 take? ›

Online training for GCE Level 1 takes approximately 12 hours to complete, while Level 2 training requires about 10 hours.

Is Google Level 2 hard? ›

The level 2 test is significantly more challenging than the level 1 exam. It is very important that you are familiar with the ADVANCED features of Gmail, Drive, and Classroom as well as some lesser known tools such as My Maps, Arts & Culture, and Google Scholar.

Can you use notes on Google certification? ›

No, these are not open-book exams. You cannot use any notes or unauthorized materials while taking any Google Cloud exams.

How do I add a Google certificate to my resume? ›

How to Format Your Certifications
  1. Add the title of the certification. List the full title of the certificate underneath the section header as a bullet point. ...
  2. Include the name of the awarding organization. ...
  3. List the date you earned your certification. ...
  4. List the date your certification expires. ...
  5. Provide details (optional).
Mar 21, 2023

Why is Google certificate not trusted? ›

Possible causes are: Incorrect date and time on computer. Expired or incorrect certificate on website. Intercepted communications.

Is coursera Google certificate valid? ›

Coursera Certificates Are Not Accredited.

That means they likely won't be accepted as credit towards a degree or other formal education program.

How many days will it take to learn Google Ads? ›

Here's what you can expect: a successful Google ad campaign will take at least 3 months to mature and then approximately 4-12 months to develop into a strong campaign.

Can you finish a Google certificate in a month? ›

Google Career Certificates, which earn you earn the equivalent of a four-year degree, can be completed in as little as six months on Coursera.

Is being a Google ad specialist hard? ›

There are many challenges to learning Google Ads and creating a successful campaign. Some of the more common problems are failure to determine your audience and keywords correctly, difficulty describing what makes your business unique, missing information, and a website that doesn't work well on mobile devices.

How hard is the Google Level 1 certification test? ›

The exams are challenging. Many educators do not pass the Level 1 and 2 exams the first time. There is a waiting period between each exam retake: Second attempt: 3 days.

Is it easy to get Google certified? ›

Earning a Google certification isn't easy. It takes work. This list of 10 Google certification tips will help you beat the odds and become a Google Certified Educator!

How long does it take to prepare for Google certification? ›

Most certification courses and assessments take between three and six months to complete. Depending on the subject, Google estimates that most learners take about 10 weeks on each course. Users can work at their own pace, so completion time varies.

Is working as Google Ads worth it? ›

In other words, PPC advertising solutions like Google Ads are incredibly effective when it comes to helping you reach many of your marketing goals. They'll get you sales, drive traffic, and help you raise awareness when it comes to your brand, especially if your ads are well-written and well-optimized.

How much do Google Adwords consultants make per hour? ›

How much does a Part Time Google Adwords Specialist make? As of May 5, 2023, the average hourly pay for a Part Time Google Adwords Specialist in the United States is $24.80 an hour.

Do Google certifications expire? ›

All Professional Google Cloud certifications are valid for two years from the date an individual certifies.

Which Google certification pays the most? ›

The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate is one of the most valuable Google career certifications you can get. Certified data analysts get an entry-level salary of $67,900 per year and can grow to more than $110K per year once they get 10+ years of working experience.

Which Google certificate gets you a job the fastest? ›

The Google Project Management Professional Certification class by Coursera takes our top spot because learners with no prior experience can acquire the skills necessary to succeed in an entry-level project management role in six months or less. This course is perfect for those who are looking to pursue a new career.


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