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In the Internet age, the Google search engine is becoming more and more important. Some merchants will advertise through Google, website owners will bid on keywords, and based on their bids, ads will be ranked. This Google advertising concept is known as Search Ads. For digital marketers and businesses that want to run their own ads, Google offers a Search Ads Certification course.

Demonstrate your mastery of creating and optimizing Google search campaigns. Certified users will show the ability to leverage automated solutions such as Smart Bidding and Audience Solutions to increase campaign performance for specific marketing objectives.

By becoming Google Ads search certified, Google recognizes your ability to:

Translate an online marketing vision into a coherent digital marketing strategy
Develop a Google search strategy with broader corporate marketing plans
Create a plan to increase leads, sales or web traffic using Google Search
Develop a plan to reach new and existing customers with Google Search Audiences
Make sure your search marketing plan aligns with your digital marketing budget

exam notes:

The exam is divided into 5 sections:

  1. Introduction to Google Ads
  2. Search Advertising Basics
  3. Manage your campaigns
  4. Optimizing your campaigns
  5. Advanced Topics in Search Advertising

Google Ads search measurement consists of50 questionsand you have75 minutes to complete.

Keep in mind:

  • You will need a score of 80% or higher to pass.
  • If you end the assessment early or time runs out before you have answered a sufficient number of questions correctly, you will not pass and will not be able to pick up where you left off.
  • You will not be able to review or edit your answers after moving on to the next question (or clicking the Submit button on the last question)
  • You must wait 1 day before retaking this assessment if you failed your last attempt.

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Google Ads Search Certification Exam Answers:

1. Match each search audience solution to the benefit it can bring to your campaigns.

  1. Detailed demographic data
  2. Target audience in the market
  3. customer correspondence
  4. Remarketing lists for search ads
  • Build consideration among people who are actively researching the products or services you offer. (two)
  • Reach people based on the likelihood of their marital status, education, parental stage, and owner status. (1)
  • Reach people who have visited your site in the past. (4)
  • Load your customer data into Google Ads and connect with these audiences. (3)

2. What two pieces of user data can you submit when creating a customer match strategy? (Choose two.)

  • Email address
  • Age
  • Address for correspondence
  • Employment Status

3. If an advertiser doesn't want to add remarketing tags to a website, why would Customer Match be a good option for them?

  • Customer Match allows you to reach people who have visited your website
  • Customer match allows you to reach people who haven't visited your site yet
  • Customer targeting is based on your own data instead of a remarketing tag
  • It would not be a good fit. You must customize your site to use customer match

4.Which recommendation is a best practice for using Performance Planner effectively?

  • Set bids and budgets using last click conversions.
  • Use Performance Planner annually to forecast the impact of your annual strategies.
  • Create account-level plans that combine all campaigns.
  • Break campaigns with different marketing objectives into individual Performance Planner plans.

5. Why is it recommended to optimize ad rotation when setting up your ads?

  • You can post multiple ads per query.
  • Users will be able to see more of your ads.
  • Users will be able to review your ads more quickly.
  • Google will select the best ad for each auction.

6. A growth marketing manager is developing the advertising strategy for a company's product launch in an increasingly competitive market. How can a Google search campaign help a company's product launch?

  • Your business website will load faster with the addition of Google search ads.
  • Users can see the company's search ads while browsing other websites.
  • Business search ads may appear in other placements, such as print ads.
  • Business search ads can appear when users compare different competitor options.

7. An account strategist regularly reviews your company's optimization score to make sure your Google search campaign is as effective as possible. How is this optimization score calculated?

  • Comparison of current company sales with historical company sales data
  • Comparison of the company's website with the websites of the company's competitors
  • Based on aspects of the campaign such as statistics, settings and industry trends.
  • Analyze the popularity of company ads on social media

8. What is the benefit of using the sitelink extension?

  • Users can go directly to the home page of the website.
  • Users can call your business more easily.
  • Users can download the app directly from their search ad.
  • Users can more easily perform a desired action by going directly to the relevant pages.

9. A travel marketer wants to run his ads only to potential customers who are specifically looking for an all-inclusive vacation in Paris. The marketer decides to use an exact match keyword of "all-inclusive vacations in Paris." What search terms could this ad match?

  • “All inclusive family vacation”
  • “All inclusive vacation”
  • “Best all-inclusive vacation”
  • “Holidays in Paris all inclusive”

10. A performance marketer wants to generate the highest purchase value possible within a specified return on ad spend. What kind of automated bidding strategy should marketers use?

  • maximize clicks
  • Return on Ad Spend (tROAS)
  • Target cost per acquisition (tCPA)
  • Desired impression share

11.Which bidding strategy should an advertiser choose to achieve a campaign's viewability goal?

  • Return on Ad Spend (tROAS)
  • Desired impression share
  • maximize conversions
  • maximize clicks

12. What is the best practice for using ad extensions?

  • Use at least three extensions per campaign or ad group.
  • Use extensions only at the ad group level.
  • Do not use more than two extensions per campaign or ad group.
  • Only use ad extensions if you are advertising services.

13. Which ad extension is only available as a fully automated ad extension?

  • Seller Ratings Extension
  • price extension
  • message extension
  • application extension

14. A marketing manager with a fixed budget wants to attract as many customers as possible to his website. Which bidding strategy can meet the needs of the marketing manager?

  • Target cost per acquisition (tCPA)
  • maximize clicks
  • Desired impression share
  • Return on Ad Spend (tROAS)

15. What criteria does Google Ads review to ensure that search ads comply with Google's advertising policies?

  • Objectives and analysis
  • Website experience
  • Similar ads from competitors
  • Content and format

16. A performance marketer is setting up a customer matching strategy to reach a list of potential customers. What user data source can the marketer use?

  • Email, postal address, phone number
  • Social media profile, email, mailing address
  • IP address, social media profile, phone number
  • IP address, business address, phone number

17. A water sports company specializes in custom boats and accessories. The company's marketing manager uses the broad match keyword "boat" and adds "oar" as a negative keyword. On which two search queries will the ad be eligible to serve? (Choose two.)

  • pedal boat rental
  • Boat rental
  • boat adventure
  • Travel in a pedal boat

18A performance marketing manager wants to improve the performance of his search campaign. They check the Google Ads recommendation page and see that the campaign optimization score is 22%. How should the manager interpret this score?

  • The campaign needs a 22% improvement to be fully optimized.
  • The campaign is being surpassed by 78% of similar companies.
  • The campaign budget must increase by 22% to be fully optimized.
  • Campaign performance can improve by 78% if the admin adopts optimization score recommendations.

19. A marketing manager wants to use a Google search ads campaign to attract the attention of customers searching for camping equipment online. What is the main benefit of a well-managed Google search ads campaign?

  • Search ads can appear in organic search results.
  • Search Network Ads can include relevant product videos.
  • Search ads can be shown on searches that are relevant to potential customers.
  • Search Ads can automatically send tracking information to potential customers.

20. An electronics company is introducing a new voice-controlled television. Business owners decide to use broad match in their Search Network ad campaign with the keywords "voice controlled television." How will broad match benefit the company's campaign?

  • The ad will only appear if the search terms contain the specific TV brand, ensuring relevance.
  • Your ad will be shown to past customers regardless of their search terms to expand reach.
  • Your ad will only appear if your search terms contain the keyword "TV", which ensures relevance.
  • Your ad will be shown to more users if it appears on new and relevant queries.

21. An account planner plans his company's online advertising budget on a monthly basis. They choose Google Ad Performance Planner to help them accomplish this task. What are the two benefits that Performance Planner offers? (Choose two.)

  • Billions of weekly Google searches drive forecasts
  • Leverage machine learning for prediction
  • Assistance in identifying funds from other external budgets to allocate to marketing
  • Integration with other budgeting software

22. What is the benefit of using Audience Targeting Solutions by Customers?

  • Have the ability to develop and target lists based on demographics.
  • Use of your own data to reconnect with previous customers
  • Connect with potential new users whose interests align with your product
  • Collection of users who interacted with your website through the Google Ads remarketing tag

23.Leo is responsible for advertising the clothing lines of a large manufacturer. He uses his Google ad recommendations page to help you evaluate his search ad campaigns. What feature makes optimization recommendations valuable to Leo?

  • Recommendations are tailored to the specific account.
  • Recommendations only apply to selected keywords.
  • Recommendations provide general information from Google.
  • Recommendations are created by high-level account executives.

24. What three universal extensions should marketers use to enhance their ads?

  • Sitelinks, Price Extensions, App Extensions
  • Sitelinks, Callout Extensions, Location Extensions
  • Sitelinks, Structured Snippets, Callout Extensions
  • Sitelinks, Callout Extensions, Callout Extensions

25. What are two best practices for creating ads? (Choose two.)

  • Include three to five ads and at least three extensions in each ad group.
  • Separate each ad into an individual ad group to simplify reporting.
  • Optimize campaign ad rotation for clicks or conversion actions.
  • Deploy one ad per ad group per keyword for a maximum of 100 ads.

26. What is the best practice when writing a headline for a search ad?

  • Provide the full URL in the title
  • Highlight for business hours
  • Include at least one keyword in the title
  • Including the names of the competitors.

27. What is a good use case to take advantage of customer match?

  • To re-engage customers who have already purchased from your business
  • To reach new customers who share the behaviors and characteristics of your remarketing audience segments
  • To identify loyal customers and expand your reach to people who look like your customers
  • To reach people based on advanced demographic criteria

28. A small business owner wants to attract as many potential customers to his website as possible. The budget for the campaign is only $500 per month. What type of automated bidding strategy best aligns with the owner's campaign goal?

  • Return on Ad Spend (tROAS)
  • Desired impression share
  • Target cost per acquisition (tCPA)
  • maximize clicks

29. An avid skateboarder wants to buy a new skateboard. They turn to Google Search to research and buy the best skateboard they can find. What steps, in order, can the skater take to interact with ads on the Google Search Network?

  • The skater was looking for the “best skates”.
  • The skater would review the search results.
  • The skater would click on a Google search ad.
  • The skater would navigate through different skates on the site they surf.
  • The skater would make a purchase on the surfing site.

30. A marketing associate creates her first Google search campaign for a yoga school. They select the Google Search Network and, by default, Google Search Partners. How will it benefit the school to appear in Google search partners?”

  • The school website will reach all types of devices.
  • The school may partner with similar companies.
  • The school will extend its reach to additional sites.
  • The school will unlock additional location targeting for your ads.

31. A marketing manager wants to increase his brand awareness and create brand-focused campaigns. Since they can't spend a lot of time managing bids on a daily basis, the admin decides to use automated bidding. What automated bidding strategy should a marketing manager use?

  • Desired impression share
  • Target cost per acquisition (tCPA)
  • Return on Ad Spend (tROAS)
  • maximize conversions

32. An electronics company is introducing a new voice-controlled television. Business owners decide to use broad match in their search campaign for the keywords “voice controlled television.” How will the business benefit from using broad match in their campaign?

  • Owners will have manual control over each of their keywords.
  • The campaign will reach more users by responding to new relevant queries.
  • Broad match automatically includes negative keywords.
  • Your ad will only appear on searches for your exact keywords.

33. The account strategist for a company wants to use Google Ads to reach as many users as possible who are searching for relevant terms related to the company. What type of keyword match would help the account strategist reach the most search queries used by potential customers?

  • Largo
  • customer correspondence
  • Exactly
  • Phrase

34. A plumbing company prides itself on excellent customer service, especially during after-hours service calls. Their owners want to connect with people who need emergency plumbing services in the middle of the night. What setup could help homeowners achieve these goals?

  • keyword insertion
  • image extensions
  • Networks
  • ad scheduling

35.Charlie is working to improve the Quality Score of a Google search ad by improving its expected click-through rate (eCTR). Which of the following actions could improve Charlie's eCTR?

  • Include keywords in ad text
  • Decrease in bid for ad
  • Improving the speed of your website
  • Clone the ad multiple times

36.Francisco tries to explain to his boss the benefits of using automated bidding. He combines these aspects of automated bidding with the benefits they offer.

  1. Bids during the auction
  2. Depth of signals used and cross analysis
  3. machine learning
  4. time saved
  • Tailor bids to each user's unique context, using relevant signals present at auction time (1)
  • Take the pressure off marketing resources by automating more manual tasks (4)
  • Integrate a wide variety of signals and consider new ones to assess user intent (2)
  • Algorithmically helps to set the right bid for each auction (3)

37. Jacob's physical toy store is based on offline metrics such as store visits and store sales. He has heard that niche campaign types can help you achieve these types of goals. What type of campaign can help Jacob achieve his business goals offline?

  • show
  • Video
  • Local
  • Discovery

38.Layla is learning about the benefits of using Search Ad Extensions and found that they can help increase user engagement. What are the other two benefits that search ad extensions can bring to performance? (Choose two.)

  • dynamic video insertion
  • Most qualified leads
  • Faster loading landing pages
  • Better ad quality
  • compelling video features

39. Barbara's boss has asked her to use Google Ads to reach as many users as possible who are looking for the conditions of the services offered by the company. What type of keyword match would help Barbara reach the largest number of search queries used by potential customers?

  • Exactly
  • Largo
  • Broad Match Modifier
  • Phrase

40. Lola is selecting a campaign type that fits her business goals. Why is it important for her to consider her business objectives before choosing the type of campaign?

  • Google Ads will automatically create advertising messages based on the type of campaign you choose.
  • The type of campaign you choose will determine where your ads will appear and the format of those ads.
  • Certain campaign types will only run ads during certain hours of the day and week.
  • Different campaign types have different minimum and maximum budget requirements.

41. Which of the following goals can you achieve for your marketing campaign using automated bidding?

  • To choose the time of day your ads will show
  • Reach the right user with the right message at the right time
  • To control the cost of each click
  • To target specific devices exclusively


  • Reach the right user with the right message at the right time.
  • Control the cost of each click.
  • Choose the time of day that your ads will be shown.
  • Exclusively target specific devices.

42. Mario owns a store that sells skateboarding equipment. Mario understands that people are more likely to notice the headline text in a text ad. What should Mario include in his title?

  • A phone number where customers can contact you
  • Messages including "Click here!"
  • The physical address of your store.
  • At least one of your keywords

43. Clara is an advertising manager in charge of optimizing her company's Google search campaign. How can Clara use Optimization Score to benefit her campaign?

  • To judge the popularity of your site compared to others
  • Identify opportunities to improve campaign performance.
  • To compare the effectiveness of your ad text creative with other ads
  • To understand your site's network performance

44.Rina has heard the term Quality Score mentioned above and is interested in what it really is. Which statement describes the quality level?

  • It is a metric that rates the quality of the traffic that clicks on your ads.
  • It's an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages.
  • It is a final score based on all the elements of your account structure.
  • These are comments left by users who clicked on your ad and browsed through your site.

45. Do ad extensions help give users the two things they want from their search experience? (Choose two.)

  • attractive images
  • Relevant information
  • Information based on your moment
  • Comparisons of products and services
  • News related to your search

46.Alex started a Google search campaign designed to promote his online motorcycle accessories store. His shop focuses on custom helmets. How do Google search ads add value to Alex?

  • Show your ad to people looking for helmet-related information.
  • Linking to Alex's ad from related social media groups.
  • Displaying Alex's ad on a website that reviews motorcycle helmets.
  • List your ad on similar motorcycle accessory store websites.

47. As an advertiser, creating your first text ad in Google Ads is a simple five-step process. Arrange the five steps in order, with the first step at the top.

  1. Sign in to the Google Ads account where you want to create the text ad.
  2. In the page menu on the left side of the screen, select Ads and extensions.
  3. Choose the + button and select Text Ad from the available options.
  4. Enter the titles, URL, and description lines you want to use.
  5. Make sure the ad complies with Google's editorial guidelines and tap Save ad.

48. Automated bidding does the heavy lifting for advertisers in Google Ads. What does automated bidding use to set the right bid for each auction?

  • ad extensions
  • control manual
  • seller ratings
  • machine learning

49.Bob's electronics company introduces a new television called the UltraView1000. Bob decides to use broad match for his Search Network ad campaign using the keyword "television." How will broad match benefit Bob's campaign?

  • Bob's ad will appear if the search terms only contain his brand of television, UtraView1000.
  • Bob's ad will appear if your search terms contain any variation of your keyword, such as "TV."
  • Bob's ad will only appear if your search terms contain the exact keyword, 'TV'.
  • Bob's ad will only appear if the search term is exactly "television" with additional words before and after it.

50. Brenda is working to improve the Quality Score of an ad on the Google Search Network so that it ranks better for the ad and performs better in the ad auction. What change in Brenda's ad could improve her Ad Rank?

  • Embed an image to make the ad more attractive.
  • Make the headline bold to potentially improve eCTR.
  • Use color in the text of the message to improve the quality score.
  • Adding seasonal messages during the holiday season.

51. Each similar audience is removed from the initial list to ensure what?

  • Ads to appear in competitive positions
  • Only target highly relevant traffic
  • That ads do not run the risk of being served twice
  • No user overlap between a peer list and your seed list

52. Francine is advertising her company's newest video editing software and related products. She knows that the best practice is to create 3-5 ads in each of her search network ad groups. Why does Google make this recommendation?

  • More ads in an ad group means they receive a higher quality score.
  • More ads in an ad group increase the chances that more than one ad will show per auction.
  • More ads in an ad group means lower bounce rates for landing pages.
  • More ads in an ad group means more chances for auction success.

53. Google Ads offers a variety of campaign types that determine where your ad appears and the format in which it appears. What campaign types are available?

  • Search, view, video, print and app
  • Social, video, app, audio and shopping ads
  • Search, view, video, shopping and apps
  • Search, print, TV, shopping and apps

54. Google Ads reviews saved text ads to make sure they comply with our advertising policies before showing them to users. What criteria does Google Ads analyze?

  • Objectives and analysis.
  • Loading and speed of the website.
  • Content and format.
  • Length and extensions.

55. Google Ads was created to help businesses succeed online. To achieve this, Google Ads was built around three basic principles. What are these principles?

  • Sales, consideration and integrity
  • Growth, reach and traffic
  • Relevance, control and results
  • Influence, awareness and promotion

56. How can ad extensions help increase user engagement?

  • With attractive images and videos.
  • Ad extensions include a "like" button to rate whether an ad is favorable.
  • Ad extensions include a "share" button.
  • Address a user's intent, device, and location.

57.How can Performance Planner serve your company?

  • By finding areas of your total budget that can contribute to marketing
  • Teaching your employees the basics of personal budgeting.
  • Determine which Google ads are most appropriate for your brand
  • By optimizing your ad budget for maximum growth

58. How does automating your bids contribute to a successful Google Ads campaign?

  • Automated bidding algorithms integrate a minimum number of signals to assess user intent.
  • Autobidding uses machine learning to help you set the right bid for each auction.
  • The customer journey has become easier, so offers should be based on general user behavior.
  • Matching data with context to establish intent and set the right bid is easy.

59.How is using non-last-click attribution conversions useful for Performance Planner forecasts?

  • To allocate budgets that drive incremental conversions
  • To take advantage of seasonal trends throughout the year.
  • To find growth opportunities regarding device targeting
  • To identify the most profitable geographic targeting

60Ideally, what is the minimum number of values ​​you should search for per header when using structured snippet extensions?

  • 3
  • 6
  • 4
  • 5

61.Jim created a Google search ad with a bid of $5. Two other advertisers in an auction bid $2.50 and $2. How much would Jim pay for first place in the auction?

  • $ 2,51
  • $ 5
  • $ 4,50
  • $ 2,50

62.Jimmy sells televisions on his website. He realizes that he is getting search traffic for a brand he doesn't own and sets up a negative keyword for that brand. How does the negative keyword help Jimmy's ad campaign?

  • Jimmy's ads will show at a lower rate when users search for the TV brand.
  • Common misspellings and synonyms for your keywords will still allow your ads to show.
  • Your ads won't show to users who search for the non-marketing brand.
  • Jimmy's business ads will be shown to the widest possible audience.

63. John's Plumbing prides itself on excellent customer service, especially during after-hours service calls. They want to connect with people who need emergency plumbing services in the middle of the night. What criteria should John's Plumbing set to achieve this goal?

  • Networks
  • Devices
  • ad extensions
  • ad scheduling

64.Karen evaluated her Google Search Ads campaign's optimization score after noticing that campaign performance had declined. The score is much lower than a month ago. She accepts an optimization recommendation from the available list. What will happen to your campaign optimization score?

  • It will gradually improve by the end of the week.
  • It will get better by the end of the day.
  • It will improve after acceptance.
  • It will get better by the end of the month.

Sixty-five.Laverne created her first Google search campaign for her yoga school. She selects the Google search network and, by default, Google's search partners. What benefit will she get from appearing in Google's search partners?

  • Increases the geographic distribution of your ad.
  • Extend your reach to additional websites.
  • It allows you to reach all kinds of devices.
  • It allows you to partner with other similar businesses.

66.Lisa sells kitchen cabinets through her website. While her sales are steady, she fears they won't keep up with other online furniture stores. How can a Google search campaign benefit Lisa's business?

  • Your company will have a competitive presence with similar companies during searches.
  • Your business will rank higher in organic search results.
  • Your business ads will appear in a variety of digital and traditional media.
  • Potential customers will be automatically directed to your business website.

67.Maria was told that she should use the Performance Planner on a monthly basis. Why should she do this?

  • To check status problems
  • To review new keyword opportunities
  • To react to changing external factors.
  • To analyze demographic performance

68.Marta is on a tight marketing budget and needs to use a strategy that can drive customers to her website for a fixed cost. What supply strategy has the potential to meet Marta's needs?

  • Target return on advertising investment (target ROAS)
  • Target cost per acquisition (tCPA)
  • Desired impression share
  • maximize clicks

69. Mary is tasked with creating an ad campaign for her business, pet food store, and online app, and is exploring different campaign options. What campaign types are available to her in Google Ads?

  • Search, Display, TV, Shopping and App
  • Search, view, video, shopping and apps
  • Search, view, video, app and access
  • Social, display, video, shopping and apps

70. Match each ad extension with the benefit it brings to the user's ad experience.

  1. Structured Snippet Extensions
  2. call extensions
  3. callout extensions
  4. sitelink extensions
  • Allow mobile users to call a business directly (2)
  • Direct users to specific pages on a website (4)
  • Highlight the value-added attributes of the business, products or services for users (3)
  • Describe the characteristics of a specific product or a range of products or services offered by the company before users click on the ad (1)

71. Combine these search audience solutions with the benefits they can bring to your campaigns.

  1. Remarketing lists for search ads
  2. Detailed demographic data
  3. Target audience in the market
  4. customer correspondence
  • To reach people based on the likelihood of their marital status, education, stage of parenting, and home ownership (2)
  • To upload your own data to Google Ads and reach custom segments across all devices (4)
  • To generate consideration among people who are actively researching the products or services you offer (3)
  • To help reach people who have interacted with your website or YouTube channel in the past (1)

72.Michael created a high-quality ad with an excellent list of keywords. He is disappointed that the ad is not showing as much as he would like. What is a likely reason why his ad is not showing frequently?

  • He did not provide a link to the ad.
  • It has a lot of information listed in its ad extensions.
  • Users may be misspelling your keywords.
  • Your ad bid is too low.

73. Arrange these steps in the correct order to set up an effective Customer Match strategy. (The first rung should be at the top.)

  1. Segment a customer list, based on a desired marketing action.
  2. Upload the list to Google Ads.
  3. Translate the list to an audience list and make it available for targeting.
  4. Customize your creatives with special offers or incentives specific to this audience.

74. Pete is the marketing manager for an electric car company. He recently chose "leads" as the marketing objective for his Google search campaign. What did you hope to achieve by selecting "leads" as his target?

  • Encourage customers to buy electric cars.
  • Get more people to see your site.
  • Promote videos that speak to the company's mission.
  • Increase email list signups of potential customers.

75.Rina notices that her ad's average cost per click (CPC) is significantly higher than the industry benchmark. But she sees no improvement in her ad position. What can you do to get a higher ad position?

  • Match the offer with an industry benchmark.
  • Improve your ad's Quality Score.
  • Reduce the number of ad groups.
  • Increase the number of ad groups.

76. Reggie manages online marketing campaigns for a vitamin and supplement store. She launched a Google search campaign and chose website traffic as the marketing goal for the campaign. What outcome does Reggie expect from the campaign?

  • More followers in the presence of the store on social networks.
  • Get more customers to know your products.
  • More online sales through Reggie's online store.
  • Email requests from people interested in a healthy lifestyle.

77. Sam is new to Google search ads and worries that he doesn't have the skills or time to run a successful ad campaign. Which two features of Dynamic Search Ads will help Sam? (Choose two.)

  • The Dynamic Search Ads user interface excludes all manual controls.
  • Dynamic Search Ads do not require initial user setup.
  • Destination URLs are updated automatically.
  • Dynamic Search Ads do not need to go through the bidding process.
  • Machine learning helps to automatically find new keywords.

78.A search marketer, Sandy knows that you need to use extensions effectively to optimize the results of your Google Ads campaigns. What is Google's recommendation on extensions?

  • Do not use more than two extensions per campaign or ad group.
  • Use at least five extensions and only add them to ad groups.
  • Use ad extensions only when advertising in the service industry.
  • Use at least three extensions in each campaign or ad group.

79. Singh's marketing company created an attractive ad that gets a lot of clicks. What effect is the ad likely to have on the Google Ads auction?

  • The quality of the ads will ensure that the cost per click of your ad is reduced by at least 40%.
  • A higher expected CTR will lead to a higher Ad Rank.
  • The ad will generate a higher cost per click for the advertiser.
  • The advertiser will receive more bids in the auction.

80.Tara is using Search Audiences to reach her most valuable customers. What direct benefit can you get from using Search Audience?

  • Get granular insights into your search network performance
  • Receive automatically generated keyword and ad content suggestions
  • Send a personalized message to the correct user with the correct offer
  • Get tips on the best automated bidding strategies for your campaigns.

81. Theo is looking to improve his Google search ads campaign. On his Google Ads recommendations page, he notes that his Google search campaign has an optimization score of 75%. What does this mean?

  • The campaign is performing better than 75% of all search campaigns.
  • Campaign score has 75% room for improvement.
  • The campaign is running 25% under budget.
  • The campaign score has a 25% room for improvement.

82. Trina uses automated bidding as part of her Google Ads search bidding strategy. Why might you prefer automated bidding?

  • Geo-targeting is not decided by machine learning.
  • Machine learning will choose an ad schedule for campaigns without your intervention.
  • Machine learning will choose the keywords used to show your ads to users.
  • Machine learning helps you set the right bid for each auction.

83. Trina sells dolls and accessories and doesn't have much time to update her search campaigns with her ever-changing inventory. How can Dynamic Search Ads help Trina?

  • Lower bid rates may be used, depending on stock levels.
  • Keyword lists can be automatically created based on site bids.
  • Inventory update dates can be set manually.
  • Additional web crawlers can be used to check your inventory.

84. Using Performance Planner monthly allows you to optimize which two aspects of an account? (Choose two.)

  • ad extensions
  • Keywords
  • spears
  • advertisements
  • Budgets

85. Wendy is setting up a customer targeting strategy to reach a list of potential customers. What should you provide?

  • A linked Google Analytics account
  • conversion tracking
  • Customer relationship management data
  • A Google remarketing tag

86. Which ad extension is only available as a fully automated ad extension?

  • message extension
  • application extension
  • price extension
  • Seller Ratings Extension

87. What are the two main benefits of using search audience solutions? (Choose two.)

  • Bid just when certain groups of people are searching for your product or service
  • Identify the most effective ad schedules to get the best results for your budget
  • Reach different audience segments with unique messages that are highly relevant to them
  • Review of missed opportunities regarding ad extensions and ad variations
  • Get detailed information on which bid strategies might work best for your search campaigns

88.What are two ways that Dynamic Search Ads add value to an ad campaign?

  • Allows more control over keywords.
  • Promote advertising on social media platforms.
  • Create new ads automatically.
  • Find traffic that an advertiser might miss.
  • Reduce the advertising budget required.

89. What are two ways Performance Planner can help you unlock the potential in all your Google Ads campaigns? (Choose two.)

  • Distribution
  • Validation
  • Simulation
  • Instrumentation
  • Differentiation

90. How can Performance Planner help you?

  • To create an optimized copy of your existing campaign so it can be tested using the drafts and experiments tool
  • To determine which Google Ads features to enable to get the best performance from your campaigns
  • To analyze the search terms report and add keywords and negative keywords based on historical performance
  • To improve ROI so you can drive more conversions within your target CPA (cost per acquisition)

91. What content can be used for a structured snippets plugin?

  • free freight
  • Get in touch with our team
  • Berlin, London, Paris, Singapore
  • Send a message to an expert now

92. What allows you to add callout extensions to your Google search ads?

  • Highlight information about your company's value-added attributes, products or services.
  • Extend ads with a phone number, allowing mobile users to call your business directly.
  • It gives you the option to drive traffic to your website or app store from a single text ad.
  • Direct users to specific pages on your website.

93. How does a broad keyword targeting campaign help you achieve a layered affinity audience?

  • Reach people based on specific demographics, such as marital and educational status
  • Reach people who have been identified with a buying mindset
  • Make sure your ads are only seen by people who have shown a qualified interest in your service and/or product(s)
  • Find new customers who share the behaviors and characteristics of your marketing audience segments

94.What does the Performance Planner do automatically?

  • Use machine learning to target new demographics
  • Set your ad budget for maximum growth
  • Predict how your current campaigns will perform in the future
  • Recommends the perfect ad structure for your budget

95. When creating an ad, how does Greg know how it will appear to potential customers?

  • Greg can preview all of his listings by signing in to his Google My Business account and choosing the Preview tab.
  • Greg needs to enter the specific keywords he's targeting once his ad is approved and view it in a browser.
  • Google provides examples of desktop ads that use the keywords selected in the campaign to create a generic view.
  • As you type the URL, title, and description, a preview of the mobile and desktop versions of the ad appears.

96. When viewability is the campaign goal, which bid strategy should the advertiser choose?

  • Optimized cost per click (eCPC)
  • maximize conversions
  • Desired impression share
  • maximize clicks

97. Which Dynamic Search Ads option allows an advertiser to group web pages into custom tags?

  • URL filtering
  • categories
  • Landing pages
  • page feeds

98. What is the requirement for an ad to be served to a user?

  • Keywords must be relevant to the search term.
  • Search terms must be unique to a company.
  • Keywords must be unique to a single campaign.
  • Keywords must appear in all ad groups for a business.

99. Which search audience solution would help you find new customers who share the behaviors and characteristics of your remarketing audience segments?

  • Target audience in the market
  • affinity audiences
  • customer correspondence
  • Similar audiences for search

100. Why is it recommended to use the performance goals feature after using Performance Planner?

  • This practice allows you to receive detailed information from Google Analytics about how your website's behavior is affected after applying performance planner recommendations.
  • This practice allows you to monitor the goals defined in the Performance Planner and receive alerts and recommendations when a campaign is not on track.
  • This practice allows you to ensure that seasonality and budget reallocation are taken into account for future periods to prevent your campaigns from becoming "budget constrained."
  • This practice allows you to fully automate all aspects of account management to improve the likelihood of achieving performance targets.

the above isGoogle Ads Search Certification Exam 2023 Answers Latest. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a message for discussion and we will respond to each of your messages.

For more answers about Google certification courses, see:

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Can we cheat in Google Ads certification? ›

If you are caught cheating or working with another individual during your exam, one or more of the following may happen: You may lose all Google certifications, You may be barred from taking or retaking any exam, and.

Is the Google Ads search certification hard? ›

Overall, the Google Ads certifications are well-known to not be too difficult to pass, especially because you can Google answers to the questions while taking the test. However, because of the time limit, you'll still want to understand a wide range of definitions, concepts, and basic strategy/use cases.

What is the passing score for Google Ads search certification? ›

You will need to have a score of 80% or greater on the certification assessment. You will have 75 minutes to take an assessment. If you don't pass an assessment, you can retake it one day later.

Is Google Ads certification exam free? ›

The Google AdWords certification, now known as the Google Ads certification, is completely free to take. In the past it cost money, so if you're a marketer, it's a good idea to take it now, while it remains free. You never know when Google might change its pricing. You also get multiple attempts to take the exam.

What is the salary of Google Ads expert? ›

A mid-career Google Ads Specialist with 4-9 years of experience earns an average salary of ₹6 Lakhs per year, while an experienced Google Ads Specialist with 10-20 years of experience earns an average salary of ₹4.6 Lakhs per year.

Can you fail Google certification? ›

- If you don't pass an exam, you can take it again 14 days after the date of your exam. If you don't pass a second time, you must wait 60 days before you can take it a third time. If you don't pass the third time, you must wait a year before taking it again.

What happens if you fail Google Ads certification? ›

if you have failed you will have to wait one day to retake the exam. This applies to other certifications that require one day after failure. Before attempting the exam again, take the opportunity to review and optimize your chances of success.

How do I become a Google Ads specialist and get paid? ›

How to Become a Google Ads Specialist
  1. Learn how Google Ads work.
  2. Understand the Google Ads certification process.
  3. Choose your Google Ads certifications.
  4. Prepare for the Google Ads exam.
  5. Get Google Ads certified.
  6. Apply your skills.
  7. Stay informed of Google Ads changes.
  8. Renew your certification.
Jan 9, 2022

Can you make money as a Google Ads specialist? ›

It's also possible to make a healthy living from Google Ads. With the right combination of traffic, content, and users, you can make thousands of dollars every single month. You cannot expect to throw Google Ads onto your site, sit back, relax, and watch the money roll in. It doesn't work that way.

Which Google Ads certification should I start with? ›

If you're brand new to Ads and the certification exams, I recommend starting with the Google Ads Search Certification first. Search ads are typically the most common type of ads a company will run.
The specific Google Ads certifications include:
  • Search.
  • Display.
  • Measurement.
  • Video.
  • Shopping Ads.
  • Apps.
  • Ads Creative.
Aug 14, 2022

How many hours is Google Ads certification? ›

You can learn Google Ads through in-person, live online, or on-demand classes. There are free Google Ads training classes available, too. Experts say it takes three or four hours to get started with keyword-based search advertising, but mastering Google Ads can take as much as 100 hours or more.

Do Google certificates cost money? ›

How much do the Google Career Certificates cost? The IT Support, User Experience Design, Project Management, Data Analytics, and Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificates cost $39 per month by subscription on Coursera.

What is Google most high paying job? ›

Research Summary.
  • Research Scientist is the highest-paying job at Google with an average salary of $167,427 and an average hourly rate of $80.49.
  • The second highest-paying job at Google is information technology project manager, with an average salary of $153,565.
Nov 10, 2022

How much does Google Ads pay hourly? ›

How much does a Google Adwords Specialist make? As of Mar 27, 2023, the average hourly pay for a Google Adwords Specialist in the United States is $18.91 an hour.

Do people get hired with Google certificate? ›

Can I get a job with Google certificates? Yes, Google certificates are designed to provide a path to highly-demanded jobs that most aspirants are looking for.

Do people actually get jobs with Google certificates? ›

In addition to earning certifications, participants emerge with samples, case studies, or portfolios to show prospective employers. To date, more than 50,000 people around the world have earned a Google Career Certificate, with 82% reporting that it has furthered their career in some way, according to the company.

How many people get jobs after Google certificates? ›

More than 300,000 people have graduated from Google's Career Certificates program, and 75% of these grads report they've found a new job, higher pay, or a promotion within six months of completing of the program.

What is the success rate of Google certificate? ›

According to Coursera's Learner Outcome Survey, 82% of Google certification holders reported a positive career outcome within six months. The ability to network and grow alongside your peers is a huge draw for traditional graduate management education programs.

What is the average salary of a Google Ads manager? ›


What is the starting salary for Google Adwords? ›

Google Adwords salary in India ranges between ₹ 0.9 Lakhs to ₹ 4.7 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 2.2 Lakhs.

Is it worth it to become a Google Ads Specialist? ›

It's definitely worth becoming a Google Ads expert if your career focuses on digital marketing or other related positions. A Google Ads expert understands the platform's inner workings and how to use that knowledge to structure a successful campaign.

How long does it take to become Google certified? ›

How long does it take to earn a Google certification? Most certification courses and assessments take between three and six months to complete. Depending on the subject, Google estimates that most learners take about 10 weeks on each course. Users can work at their own pace, so completion time varies.

Do Google certificates expire? ›

You're required to pass the certification exams every 36 months. You will receive an email notification to recertify two months prior to the expiration date.

Do Google certificates look good on resume? ›

The simple answer: Yes. These certificates are a great way to boost your resume and give you the tangible skills required for entry-level positions in these competitive fields. Google Certificates are a great choice to add skills to your resume, as: They are designed for beginners.

How much is Google developer certificate? ›

The Associate Android Developer Certification is $149 USD, which includes one exam attempt. Local pricing may vary based on your country of origin.

Can I cheat on the A certification? ›

In the simplest terms, the consequences of cheating are serious. You can lose your certification, you can lose your right to take future certification exams, you could face penalties at your school or place of business. In the most serious situations, you may even face a lawsuit.

Does Google cheat mode do? ›

If you do a voice search for "up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right", Google will speak back "Cheat mode unlocked. Unlimited free Google searches." Of course, Google searches are free (not counting ads and personal data) and unlimited anyway, but it is still a fun trick.

Do employers look at Google certificates? ›

While Google Career Certificates will not land you a job on their own, they will improve your resume, give you specific skills recruiters are looking for, and help you stand out to employers with industry-specific training.

Can professors tell if you cheat on an online exam? ›

The short answer is yes. Online exams can detect cheating. Authentication procedures, web monitoring, data forensics, and proctoring (just to name a few) make it hard for examinees to get away with cheating.

Do certifications actually matter? ›

These certificates are especially important if your career path doesn't require a degree. With a certificate, you can demonstrate that you are a trained professional in your field and hold important hard skills to potential employers.

How can the professor tell if you cheat on an online test? ›

Online proctoring: This method can either involve automated proctoring programs that monitor your behavior through your webcam, or a live proctor who watches the class through their webcams in person. Automated programs can be unreliable, and often identify innocent behavior as signs of cheating.

Has anyone gotten a job after a Google certificate? ›

Yes, they certainly do. Employees should broaden their skill sets and obtain professional certifications such as the Google Career Certificates. A Google Certificate can be well worth the effort if you're trying to upskill through a self-paced online course while keeping your fees low.

What is the secret cheat code for Google? ›

The Konami Code strikes again. Go to a Google search bar and using voice, search for “Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right.” And just like that, you'll have unlimited free Google searches. Of course this is tongue-in-cheek.

Does Google Assistant spy on me? ›

Your data, like your conversations with Google Assistant, is private and secure. It's encrypted when it moves between your device, Google services, and our data centers. Google products and services are built to protect your information with multiple layers of security, including leading encryption technology.

How much can you make with a Google IT certificate? ›

Google IT Certificate Salary
Annual SalaryMonthly Pay
Top Earners$137,000$11,416
75th Percentile$91,500$7,625
25th Percentile$36,000$3,000

Which Google certification pays the most? ›

The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate is one of the most valuable Google career certifications you can get. Certified data analysts get an entry-level salary of $67,900 per year and can grow to more than $110K per year once they get 10+ years of working experience.

How much does it cost to get a Google certification? ›

How much do the Google Career Certificates cost? The IT Support, User Experience Design, Project Management, Data Analytics, and Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificates cost $39 per month by subscription on Coursera.


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